What is a MERP?

One of the first differences members notice with ClaimLinx is that they now have two cards to show at the doctor instead of one. This is because ClaimLinx uses a MERP.

MERP is the key to the ClaimLinx strategy for providing more cost-effective health insurance.

The Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, a Section 105 plan of the tax code, is any arrangement under which a business reimburses an employee for out-of-pocket medical expenses. And all of these reimbursements are paid to the employee 100% tax free.

ClaimLinx uses the MERP to lower insurance costs but still cover employees’ qualified medical expenses.

Normally if a business reduces medical insurance coverage to lower premiums without adding a MERP, the expense shifts from employer to employee. The MERP allows for employees to receive the same coverage while employers save money.

If you have questions about your plan, email service@claimlinx.com or call 513.677.6262.

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