ClaimLinx introduces bonus program for Aflac partnership

ClaimLinx is expanding its partnership options with Aflac to include a bonus program for certain agents.

We’ve known for a while that ClaimLinx and Aflac work best when set up together to make one comprehensive health plan. The ClaimLinx solution for purchasing health insurance saves companies money. Then those freed up funds can be used to offer supplemental insurance through Aflac.

Our strategy creates a greater incentive for businesses to set up a program with Aflac. But we wanted to go one step further to motivate Aflac agents to bring the ClaimLinx solution to their current and prospective clients.

Qualifying agents can receive bonuses for bringing new contacts to ClaimLinx:

  • $25 for at least a 15-minute call with an owner or decision maker.


  • $100 for a webinar with an owner or decision maker AND the company’s current health plan, insurance premium invoice and enrollment information.

In addition, if the call or webinar moves forward to become a ClaimLinx client, the Aflac agent can receive a percentage of the monthly savings fee for the first year or more.

It’s that simple – bring ClaimLinx into the sales process for your next prospect and we will:

  • Sell the ClaimLinx solution to the client
  • Make funds available to set up an Aflac program
  • Share a percentage of our savings fee with qualifying agents

The best part is Aflac agents don’t have to worry about learning an additional product or process. We have a qualified sales team and insurance agency poised to handle any prospect’s needs.

We specialize in helping companies that already offer and contribute to a qualified health insurance plan for their employees, especially those businesses that are struggling with continued rising costs. These are ideal candidates for our solution because we offer the chance to keep their benefits the same while lowering costs of the overall health plan.


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