Avoid Surprises On Medical Bills By Preparing For Visits

Going to the doctor can be time consuming. But if you prepare, it will be less stressful. Also, preparing for a doctor’s visit will help you become a responsible healthcare consumer. If you are prepared for your visit, you can ask questions about the future bill. You can also see if your primary insurance covers the visit.

Like any transaction, it’s vital that you do research before arriving for your appointment. Similar to when buying large furniture or a car, you will need to know how to pay for the visit in the end.

Step 1: Check Primary Carrier Insurance network

The first step before any health provider visit is to verify that your physician, urgent care office, lab location, hospital or other facility is listed as in-network on your plan each time you go to an appointment.

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Insurance carriers can alter primary insurance networks at any point. That is why it is a best practice to check this information before every appointment.

To check if your doctor or facility is in-network, go to your primary insurance company’s website and use the “Find a Doctor” or “Find a Provider” tool. This tool’s location on the website will vary depending on the primary insurance company.

If you have any problems finding this tool, contact your primary insurance carrier. Find contact information on your primary insurance ID card.

Step 2: Verify Eligibility

There are also additional steps for preparation if you are visiting a facility or hospital for any procedure. You will need to check with your primary insurance carrier before the procedure to verify your eligibility and to find out if you will need any kind of prior authorization.

Some hospitals and physician offices will check this information before the visit, but that is becoming increasingly rare. It’s best to take full responsibility for this task, as it can directly affect your insurance coverage and therefore your final bill.

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Contact us

Please contact ClaimLinx by email at help@claimlinx.com or by phone at 800-858-1772 if you have additional questions on how to prepare for your office visit.

ClaimLinx Closed for Memorial Day

The ClaimLinx office will be closed on Monday, May 29th to spend the Memorial Day holiday with friends and family. All inquiries will be returned as soon as possible upon our return May 30th 

We hope all of our clients and members can enjoy the day with loved ones. We also want to remember and honor those lost their lives serving in the military. We will all be thinking of you on Monday. 

Here are facts about Memorial Day 

  • Memorial Day didn’t become a federal holiday until 1971.
  • The idea of Memorial Day was started in May of 1868, when the commander-in-chief of a Union veterans group issued a decree that May 30 should be recognized to commemorate the more than 620,000 soldiers killed in the Civil War. 
  • The American flag flies at half-staff from sunrise until noon on Memorial Day. 
  • Memorial Day unofficially starts the summer travel season 
  • Waterloo, NY is considered the birthplace of Memorial Day. In 1966, former President Lyndon B. Johnson signed legislation that Waterloo is the official birthplace of Memorial Day. 

Fun activities to do on Memorial Day Weekend  

  • Play yard games- One of the top activities for Memorial Day is playing outdoor yard games. Some of the games can be corn hole, volleyball, and horseshoe.  
  • Have a picnic- One of top things to do on Memorial Day weekend is to have or cookout or picnic outside. To make it more fun you can play outdoor games, and you can also decorate.  
  • Visit the beach- You live close to the beach it would be a great way to spend time with family during the holiday weekend.  
  • Pay respects to the fallen- It’s a great way to spend quality time with family and honor the meaning and history of the holiday. 

Fun Activities To Do This Spring and Summer

The colder weather is gone and it’s finally spring! The days are getting longer and it’s finally getting warmer outside. The spring season is time for spring cleaning and getting outside. Here are some activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends.  

Activities to do as a family 

  1. A spring picnic– Pick your kids’ favorite foods and enjoy your lunch or dinner outside. You can have a picnic anywhere. It could be in a park, the ocean, or even your backyard. Enjoy time outside with your kids. 
  2. Go to the zoo – Spring is the perfect time to visit your local zoo. Your kids can see their favorite animals. The animals are more active when the weather is cooler so going in the morning would be the best time.  
  3. Outdoor movie night-instead of going to the movie theater, watch a movie in your own home. But instead of watching it inside, watch the movie outside with your kids.  
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt- Plan a spring scavenger hunt around your house. Make a list of items that would be fun to find. When you find the item, take a photo of it so you can have it as a memory. If you want to make it a competition, split into teams to see who can find the items first.  
  5. Play in the rain– Who doesn’t like playing in the rain? It’s time to bring out rain boots and dance in the rain. You can also collect raindrops to see what they look like.   

Activities adults can enjoy 

  1. Visit your local farmer’s market– The spring season is the perfect time to visit your local farmer’s market. It is the perfect way to start your weekend. 
  2. Try pickle ball– Pickleball is all the rage! It is a great way to stay active and meet new people.  
  3. Join a 5K– Registering for a 5k is a great way to raise money for a charity. And it’s also a great way to stay active and meet new people.  It’s also a way to get fresh air.  
  4. Go Stargazing– After a stressful day, stargazing can be calming and relaxing. Whether it’s in your backyard, or you travel to get the best view, there’s nothing like a clear night with the stars. 
  5. Partake in spring cleaning- Spring is the time for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is time to reset and have a healthy environment for spring and summer.  

The best advice is always to try to make the most of each moment. Take time for yourself, your friends and your family. We hope you’re able to enjoy this spring season. Time for you, your family and friends makes for a happier, healthier you.  

Introducing Our Service Field Manager: Emily Goldsmith

Emily Goldsmith is one of the Field Managers for the Service Department at ClaimLinx. If Emily is your company’s designated Field Manager, she is the administrators’ first point-of-contact for questions, concerns or issues. If she can’t help resolve an issue, she will work with people internally to get it resolved.   

What She Does  

Some of Emily’s job responsibilities are:   

  • MERP review and annual plan renewal  
  • Internal liaison for the plan administrator   
  • Customer satisfaction and retention  
  • Individual member claim and/or prescription fulfillment issues  
  • In-Person or virtual visits to educate clients and members  

Her Experience at ClaimLinx  

Emily joined the ClaimLinx family in January 2023. She has a background in health care administration and has previous experience in the insurance industry and billing. 

She likes the way ClaimLinx has a family atmosphere. Team members are dedicated to working together to help customers.  

“As a small business, having a solid team to work with is imperative and I feel lucky to get to work with these folks every day.” 

She enjoys educating members and administrators, building relationships with clients. She especially likes guiding people to understand the benefits they have available. 

“It is rewarding to be able to help people get the most out of what their employers offer,” she said. “And to help the groups and administrators so they can also provide assistance to their employees.” 

Who She Is at Home  

“In the warmer months, I enjoy spending time outside, kayaking, hiking and traveling,” Emily said. 

Emily also enjoys spending time at home, gardening and working on her recently remodeled home. 

“I am a mother of two girls so I also spend as much time as I can with them.” 

Want to know something fun about Emily? When asked if she what superpower she would like to have, she said: 

“The power to heal and help people be happy and healthy,” she said. “I always try to build people up and help people enjoy life to the fullest. Life is too short for negativity and sadness.” 

Contact Emily Goldsmith 

Is Emily Goldsmith your company’s field manager? If you’re not sure, contact service@claimlinx.com to find out. 

Reach out to Emily with questions by email at egoldsmith@claimlinx.com or by phone at 513.985.4473. 

Please Note: Not all Solutions with ClaimLinx include having a dedicated Field Manger.   

ClaimLinx will be closed for Good Friday

The ClaimLinx office will be closed Friday, April 7th for Good Friday. Staff members will be enjoying the day and spending Easter Holiday weekend with family and friends. We appreciate our clients and partners’ understanding of this time for rest for our team. 

Our team members will respond to any calls or messages as soon as possible upon our return on Monday, April 10th. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

To kick off the holiday, read more facts about Easter: 

  • Easter can take place any day between March 20 and April 23. 
  • Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. 
  • The Easter Bunny legend began in Germany. The Easter Bunny dates back hundreds of years, beginning in pre-Christian Germany. 
  • More than 1.5 million Cadbury Creme Eggs are produced every day. The Creme Egg is the most popular egg-shaped chocolate in the world. 
  • Painting eggs originated from a Ukrainian tradition. 
  • The White House Easter Egg Roll event has been celebrated by the President of the United States and his families since 1878.