December 2022 Top Client Savings

The Solution by the numbers

ClaimLinx helps small business save big on health insurance. If you don’t believe us, look at the numbers yourself. See our top saver for December 2022.

This company saved a total of $73,988 in December alone. At the end of the year, this company will have saved an average of $5,054 per employee. They will have added $899,000 to their annual budget. The client will have saved 51% on their health insurance costs.

All of that is without raising the employee contribution AND without raising deductibles or copays.

See how you can save

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ClaimLinx will be closed for the Holidays

ClaimLinx will be observing a special schedule in the coming days because of the holidays. Please see the closure schedule below in the coming weeks.  

  • December 23rd: Closed at 12 p.m. 
  • December 26th: Closed All day
  • December 30th: Closed at 12 p.m.
  • January 2nd: Closed All Day  

All inquiries will be returned as soon as possible upon our return. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our staff takes this time to rest, recharge and enjoy time with family and friends. 

We hope all our clients and members enjoy the holiday with loved ones. Our staff will be sitting by fires, exchanging gifts, catching up with family and eating way too much. How will you be spending your holiday? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging @ClaimLinx. 

To get you in the holiday spirit, here are some interesting facts that you might not know about Christmas: 

  • Christmas wasn’t always on December 25th. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, but there is no actual date of the event.  
  • Evergreens are an ancient tradition. Throughout history, trees have been used as a sign of good luck or to ward off evil spirits.  
  • The Dutch gave us the idea to leave out cookies and milk. 
  • Black Friday isn’t the busiest shopping day. The Friday and Saturday before Christmas are the busiest shopping days of the year.   

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ClaimLinx Insurance Agency

ClaimLinx Receives Circle of Champions Award

Cincinnati, Ohio — ClaimLinx has been recognized by the Health Insurance Marketplace® as a member of the 2023 Marketplace Circle of Champions for helping consumers gain qualified health coverage.

This Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) award highlights ClaimLinx success in actively enrolling 20 or more consumers during this Open Enrollment Period and demonstrates its expertise and experience in helping consumers find health coverage.

“Agents and brokers are key partners to CMS in our shared goals of helping expand access to coverage for Americans,” said Ellen Montz, Director of the Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight within CMS, which oversees the Marketplace. “We thank  ClaimLinx for its dedication to providing exceptional service and helping access coverage.”

This year’s Open Enrollment Period for applying for Marketplace coverage runs from Nov. 1, 2022, to Jan. 15, 2023. Consumers with questions about their coverage or who would like help enrolling can contact ClaimLinx at 800.858.1772.

What is the Marketplace Circle of Champions?

CMS created the Marketplace Circle of Champions program to commemorate the hard work and commitment of Marketplace-registered agents and brokers throughout America. This award recognizes agents and brokers who have actively enrolled 20 or more consumers. Each year, thousands of agents and brokers reach the Marketplace Circle of Champions, highlighting their hard work, expertise, and service.

ClaimLinx Insurance Agency

As a full-service health insurance consultant, we are happy to receive this honor again. Our agency team members take pride in providing seamless service to our clients. When a company becomes a client, our agents take care of finding the right plans for your employees. They research networks, quote pricing and ultimately find the best option for the company and the member. If you would like to know more about the ClaimLinx Solution, contact our qualified Sales Team today.

Happy Thanksgiving from ClaimLinx, your small business insurance consultant.

ClaimLinx closed for Thanksgiving

The ClaimLinx office will be closed at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, November 23 through Friday, November 25 to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. All inquiries will be returned as soon as possible upon our return.

We hope all our clients and members are able to enjoy the holiday with loved ones. Our staff will be prepping and cooking turkeys, chowing down on mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and so much more.

How will you be spending your Thanksgiving? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram by tagging @ClaimLinx.

If you’re looking for some new recipe ideas, try some of the Top 50 from the Food Network:

From all of our staff, we hope you have a fun and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday. Our team will be ready to get back to helping clients and members through Open Enrollment after this time spent with friends and family.

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Shows Schedule of Benefits at work

What is the claim process?

What is a claim? 

A health insurance claim is a formal request for an insurer to pay for services. A provider office may submit a claim for you. Or patients can submit claims directly.   

How many days does processing a claim take? 

The claim’s processing time is typically 5 to 10 days from the received date. It could take longer if ClaimLinx has not received all the needed documents to process the claim.  

Once all the documents are received and the claim is processed, it usually takes about 30 to 40 days for a check to be issued. In total, the process takes on average 35-60 days from the date ClaimLinx receives the claim. 

What is involved in the process? 

Claims go through many steps before a check is issued. Once ClaimLinx receives the claim, a qualified claims processor checks the documents, enters the claim information, and analyzes it for the correct benefit application.  

You can see the remaining steps following adjudication on this detailed diagram. ClaimLinx coordinates directly with employers to ensure payment is as seamless as possible. 

Why could a claim be delayed? 

Claims are delayed if ClaimLinx, as the secondary payer, does not receive all the necessary documents to process a claim.   

When a provider submits a claim, it must send the claim form and the primary insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  

If a member is submitting a claim, he or she must submit the primary insurance EOB and the itemized statement from the provider. When a member has paid a claim in full, ClaimLinx will need proof of payment to process any reimbursement. 

What can you do to speed up the process? 

There are steps members can take to expedite the process. Members should present both cards to the provider at the time of the visit – the primary insurance ID card and the ClaimLinx ID card.  

If the provider has additional questions regarding the ClaimLinx claims process, they can call our customer service line 800-858-1772.  

Members are welcome to submit claims on their own by emailing our the claims department at Be sure to send a copy of the primary insurance EOB and an itemized statement.  

How to contact our claims department? 

A member or provider can contact the claims department during regular business hours by calling 800-858-1772 or emailing  

You can also chat with a live person during business hours using our online chat feature. Just go to 

Claims can be submitted via email, fax, or mail. The member ID card also includes this information.