ClaimLinx introduces bonus program for Aflac partnership

ClaimLinx is expanding its partnership options with Aflac to include a bonus program for certain agents.

We’ve known for a while that ClaimLinx and Aflac work best when set up together to make one comprehensive health plan. The ClaimLinx solution for purchasing health insurance saves companies money. Then those freed up funds can be used to offer supplemental insurance through Aflac.

Our strategy creates a greater incentive for businesses to set up a program with Aflac. But we wanted to go one step further to motivate Aflac agents to bring the ClaimLinx solution to their current and prospective clients.

Qualifying agents can receive bonuses for bringing new contacts to ClaimLinx:

  • $25 for at least a 15-minute call with an owner or decision maker.


  • $100 for a webinar with an owner or decision maker AND the company’s current health plan, insurance premium invoice and enrollment information.

In addition, if the call or webinar moves forward to become a ClaimLinx client, the Aflac agent can receive a percentage of the monthly savings fee for the first year or more.

It’s that simple – bring ClaimLinx into the sales process for your next prospect and we will:

  • Sell the ClaimLinx solution to the client
  • Make funds available to set up an Aflac program
  • Share a percentage of our savings fee with qualifying agents

The best part is Aflac agents don’t have to worry about learning an additional product or process. We have a qualified sales team and insurance agency poised to handle any prospect’s needs.

We specialize in helping companies that already offer and contribute to a qualified health insurance plan for their employees, especially those businesses that are struggling with continued rising costs. These are ideal candidates for our solution because we offer the chance to keep their benefits the same while lowering costs of the overall health plan.


ClaimLinx office closed on March 30

The ClaimLinx office is closed on Friday, March 30 to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. We appreciate our clients and partners’ understanding of this time for rest and relaxation for our team.

Please plan any inquiries or need for assistance accordingly. All phone calls and emails will be returned upon our return on Monday, April 2. If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us and a team member will get back as soon as possible.

We’re wishing all of our clients a very happy and rejuvenating weekend!

Savings creates opportunity to reinvest in employees with Aflac

ClaimLinx and Aflac – they go together like salt and pepper. Good on their own but even better together.

As experienced consultants, ClaimLinx shows businesses how to save money on their health insurance. Using a unique, time-tested strategy for purchasing benefits that combines traditional insurance through a major carrier with a self-funded plan, businesses can save 20 percent on their health insurance plan.

But what should owners do with all that savings?

We suggest taking that cash and reinvesting it in employees. The lower fees for the health plan easily free up funds to start a Benefits Bank with enhanced coverage through Aflac.

Owners can choose plans for employees or set up a specific dollar amount and let employees choose which coverage they would like for themselves and their families.

Aflac has so many insurance plans available there’s something for everyone. Employees can choose from options like accident, life, critical illness, short-term disability, dental, vision and more. And the best part is employees also get the exclusive perks Aflac provides, such as a wellness benefit, one-day pay and a wide range of coverage options.

Supplemental insurance is often an important component to having a complete plan should tragedy strike for an employee. It can be a vital source of funds if gaps in coverage on a regular health plan occur. After all, the last thing anyone wants to worry about during an emergency is how to pay for care.

It sounds like a luxury for most employers – providing that level of coverage. But it doesn’t have to be.

Because ClaimLinx helps lower the cost of the overall health plan. Then the additional coverage through Aflac is purchased with pre-tax dollars. That means at no extra cost than your current health plan, you are able to not only keep current employees happy by improving benefits but also increasing your competitiveness in the job market.

So with all these additional benefits, can you really afford not to make the switch?

Changes to the phone operating system

Last week ClaimLinx conducted a trial of a change to our customer service phone operator from a local attendant to an auto attendant. We believe this transition will ensure members and administrators will reach their desired departments faster, and with less front-end explanation. 

This change will remain permanent for the foreseeable future. We have already seen an improvement in our call efficiency. We have found members are able to reach the claims department quickly, without having to explain their issue to multiple people.

Below are the options all callers hear when reaching the general ClaimLinx customer service numbers, (800) 858-1772 or (513) 677-6262.

  • Dial 1 – If you are a member or provider’s office calling about claim status, benefits or eligibility
  • Dial 2 – If you are an administrator or broker
  • Dial 3 – If you are in need of insurance
  • Dial 4 – Lisa Grubb, ClaimLinx Health Insurance agent
  • Dial 5 – Kathy Durnell, ClaimLinx Health Insurance agent
  • Dial 6 – To reach accounts receivable
  • Dial 7 – General mailbox

 Administrators and members can still reach specific ClaimLinx team members by dialing their extensions or their direct lines. 

ClaimLinx solves spiking insurance premium problem

View the published press release.

CINCINNATIDec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Right now at small businesses all over the country, administrators are making a grim choice – cut benefits for next year’s insurance plan or face strained resources to cover their premium increase.

Premiums for employer-sponsored health benefits for 2018 are expected to be the highest since 2011, according to the human resources consultancy Mercer’s 2017 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans.

Blame it on Washington, D.C., blame it on insurance company stakeholders, blame it on anyone who unjustly seems to pull in profits through the industry. It all adds up to one thing: employers and their employees are continuously being asked to pay more to receive less.

But for one company in Cincinnati, this is a problem with a simple solution. ClaimLinx, a full-service consultant, insurance agency and third party administrator, has pioneered new ways of purchasing health insurance so companies can cut costs without sacrificing benefits, such as increasing deductibles or copays.

“Our whole goal is just to save people money on their health insurance – it’s hard sometimes but when we do it’s incredible what it can do for a business,” said Christy Quigley, President of ClaimLinx.

They do this by combining a high deductible insurance plan through a major carrier — Anthem, Humana, Aetna, Cigna — with a self-funded medical expense reimbursement plan.

The trick is to take the best of both types of insurance.

From the plan through a major carrier the company receives resources, including a wide physicians network, competitive discounts on procedures and a stop loss in case any employee has high medical costs.

From the medical expense reimbursement plan the company has the ability to customize its own copays and deductible while still receiving the tax benefits exclusive to a self-funded plan through section 105(b) of the IRS code.

Tom Quigley, National Business Consultant at ClaimLinx, said he sees business owners struggling with decisions about their plan every day when they don’t need to.

“What it really boils down to is a math problem. The problem is it can be hard to take the emotion out but you really have to when it comes to your benefits.”

For more information go to or inquire directly to Whitney Faber at or (617) 892-4655.