ClaimLinx introduces bonus program for Aflac partnership

ClaimLinx is expanding its partnership options with Aflac to include a bonus program for certain agents.

We’ve known for a while that ClaimLinx and Aflac work best when set up together to make one comprehensive health plan. The ClaimLinx solution for purchasing health insurance saves companies money. Then those freed up funds can be used to offer supplemental insurance through Aflac.

Our strategy creates a greater incentive for businesses to set up a program with Aflac. But we wanted to go one step further to motivate Aflac agents to bring the ClaimLinx solution to their current and prospective clients.

Qualifying agents can receive bonuses for bringing new contacts to ClaimLinx:

  • $25 for at least a 15-minute call with an owner or decision maker.


  • $100 for a webinar with an owner or decision maker AND the company’s current health plan, insurance premium invoice and enrollment information.

In addition, if the call or webinar moves forward to become a ClaimLinx client, the Aflac agent can receive a percentage of the monthly savings fee for the first year or more.

It’s that simple – bring ClaimLinx into the sales process for your next prospect and we will:

  • Sell the ClaimLinx solution to the client
  • Make funds available to set up an Aflac program
  • Share a percentage of our savings fee with qualifying agents

The best part is Aflac agents don’t have to worry about learning an additional product or process. We have a qualified sales team and insurance agency poised to handle any prospect’s needs.

We specialize in helping companies that already offer and contribute to a qualified health insurance plan for their employees, especially those businesses that are struggling with continued rising costs. These are ideal candidates for our solution because we offer the chance to keep their benefits the same while lowering costs of the overall health plan.


Partner Highlight: Lighthouse HR Group

Lighthouse HR Group was formed to ensure that companies have access to on-call, as needed HR assistance that fits their culture and budget.  Michele Hicks draws on her vast education and experiences to guide her clients into a place of organizational health and legal compliance.

Michele’s strengths lie in her ability to identify issues and design solutions that fit the company’s unique culture so they are able to operate at peak efficiency.

Please click here to read an article Michele wrote on the importance of I-9 Compliance.

For more information, feel free to visit Michele’s website, or contact her at 440.225.9939 or

Turn Your Vacation into a Tax Deduction

Our partner and tax consultant, Ed Lyon of AccounTax, Inc. shares some interesting information about how you may be able to write off your next vacation. Follow these tips for compliance:

1. Make all your business appointments before you leave for your trip.

2. Make Sure your Trip is All “Business Travel.”

3. Be sure to deduct all of your on-the-road-expenses for each day you’re away.

4. Sandwich weekends between business days.

5. Make the majority of your trip days count as business days.

Click here to read the full explanation of tips and examples. Ed Lyon has also created an informative webinar to help you understand Section 105 Plans after Obamacare.

To learn more, please contact Ed Lyon at 513-324-2912 or

Why Didn’t My CPA Tell me That?

Michael McCormick, a Cincinnati based CPA and Tax Coach, partners with ClaimLinx to provide timely tax tips and information. Mike has hands-on experience using highly specialized tax planning strategies, and his desire is to help clients avoid paying more taxes than they’re required to pay.

Michael recently released his new book, “Why Didn’t my CPA tell me THAT?”, available on The timely book is a conglomeration of 13 certified tax coaches, each providing a chapter with smart tax advice and planning information.

For more information, feel free to contact Michael at 513.488.1121 or

Lending Money to Family? Make it a Tax-Smart Loan

One of our tax advisors, Dave Toney of AccountTax, offers these tips when lending money to family.
While lending money to a cash-strapped family member or friend is a noble and generous offer, you need to plan ahead before handing over the cash to avoid tax complications.

Let’s say you decide to loan $5,000 to your daughter who’s been out of work for over a year and is having difficulty keeping up with the mortgage payments. While you may be tempted not to charge an interest rate, you should resist the temptation because:

  1. When you make an interest-free loan to someone, you will be subject to “below market interest rules”.  IRS rules state that you need to calculate imaginary interest payments from the borrower, which are then paid to you.  You will be required to pay taxes on these interest payments when you file a tax return. Further, if the imaginary interest payments exceed $14,000 for the year, there may be adverse gift and estate tax consequences.
  2. The exception is for small loans of $10,000 or less. The IRS lets you ignore the rules for small loans as long as the aggregate loan amounts to a single borrower are less than $10,000 and the borrower doesn’t use the loan proceeds to buy or carry income-producing assets.
  3. In addition, if you don’t charge any interest, or charge interest that is below market rate, then the IRS might consider your loan a gift, especially if there is no formal documentation (i.e. written agreement with payment schedule). It is best to have a written promissory note that includes the interest rate, a repayment schedule showing dates and amounts for all principal and interest, and security or collateral for the loan, such as a residence. Make sure that all parties sign the note so that it’s legally binding.

As long as you charge an interest rate that is at least equal to the applicable federal rate (AFR) approved by the Internal Revenue Service, you can avoid tax complications and unfavorable tax consequences.

If you have questions about the tax implications of loaning a family member money, don’t hesitate to contact us at or view our website here.