Compensation Disclosure

The below is a sample of ClaimLinx’s Broker Compensation Disclosure Form. More exact details on annual compensation can be requested by contacting

If you are a ClaimLinx client, a detailed version of the ClaimLinx Broker Compensation Form is available in the Client Portal under the ClaimLinx Resource Documents folder. Contact if you need assistance accessing the portal.

ClaimLinx Compensation Disclosure Information

The following constitutes ClaimLinx, LLC’s (the “Company”) disclosure of direct and indirect compensation that the Company will receive or reasonably expects to receive for the period of January, 2022 through December, 2022 in connection with the below referenced services it provides or will be providing to the undersigned the “Client” or “you”. Carriers normally change compensation rates yearly, but the effective dates of changes may vary. The company may not receive compensation on some cases, due to carrier negotiation. We will post updates of this Broker Compensation Disclosure Form when necessary.

As an Insurance Agency and Third-Party Administrator (“TPA”), the Company helps Clients save money on their insurance premiums by finding them a plan that suits them with the lowest premium possible. The Company also offers a secondary coverage called a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) where the client can still offer employees great benefits by providing healthcare utilizing existing insurance product options as well as Section 105 tax code. This is essentially a self-funded plan where we process the claims for our members and clients to strictly adhere to HIPAA privacy regulations and guidelines. If you have any questions about the services provided, contact the representative whose information is provided below.

The Company reasonably expects to receive direct compensation for the placement of the lines of coverage in the form of either a per employee per month (“PEPM”) fee, a per member per month (“PMPM”) fee, compensation rate, carrier supplied commission schedule or percent commission paid by the carrier or vendor, in the amount indicated.

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