Our Story

ClaimLinx started out like any other insurance agency — finding the best plans available from major carriers each year and bringing them to our clients. That is, until year after year premium prices continued to rise and rise, with no added benefits and no end in sight. We knew we had to do something for our clients — something that didn’t include raising deductibles or increasing copays.

So our founders, Christy and Tom Quigley, got together with their trusty tax attorney friend, Edward Lyon, and started talking about what could be done to reduce costs on healthcare without sacrificing benefits.

With their combined knowledge of the health insurance industry, company tax law and subscriber benefit usage, they found their answer: the ClaimLinx Simple Option Solution. SOS Plans take the best of high deductible insurance plans — the physician network and outside stop loss — and combine it with the best of medical expense reimbursement plans — flexibility and cheaper benefits — to make a comprehensive customized benefit package.

Now, 18 years later, ClaimLinx has helped hundreds of businesses save millions on providing health insurance benefits for their employees. We have the history and statistics that prove the ClaimLinx Simple Option Solution can work for any size business.

You just have to take the leap.

Goldfish leaping

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