Complimentary Elite Services

The below services are included as a part of ClaimLinx’s benefits as a consultant, full-service insurance agency and third-party administrator. Set up a consultation today to start receiving these services on top of saving money on your business’s health plan as a part of our Simple Option Solution.

Claim Negotiation IconMedical Claim Negotiation
As a third-party administrator, ClaimLinx automatically sends all high dollar claims to a partner for error analysis and/or negotiation with the provider billing office so members and employers receive the best rates.

Reporting and Analysis IconMedical Claim Reporting & Analysis
Administrators can request a series of reports on medical claims in order to analyze actual plan usage. It’s an important tool for deciding on changes to benefits in the future.

Member Portal IconPrivate Member Portal
All members receive access to the ClaimLinx private member portal where they can download commonly used forms and up-to-date copies of explanations of benefits for any processed claim.

Admin Portal IconAdministrator Portal
Clients receive access to a separate private portal exclusively to assist with the administration of the plan. In it, administrators can find enrollment forms, copies of the schedule of benefits, and other plan documents.

Prescription Rebates IconPrescription Rebates
ClaimLinx works with prescription benefit managers (PBM) that return drug rebates to the clients. This is a service only offered through smaller PBMs, rather than large insurance companies.

Prescription Consulting IconPrescription Consulting & Coupons
ClaimLinx analyzes member prescription usage to find cost-cutting measures, including finding generic counterparts, enrolling people in drug coupon programs, moving members to a new plan, and more.

Customized SOB IconCustomized Schedule of Benefits
Every client who enrolls in the ClaimLinx Simple Option Solution receives a customized schedule of benefits to fit the company’s needs, usage and budget. It’s flexibility in plan design you can’t find anywhere else.

Online App IconOnline Benefit Application
To ease the enrollment and annual renewal process, ClaimLinx has implemented an online application system in which all members can fill out important health and background information at home on the web.

Education Meeting IconMember and Employer Education Meetings
The ClaimLinx service team is prepared to help members and administrators through the transition to the ClaimLinx solution with a series of educational materials and meetings.

Marketplace IconOnline Insurance Marketplace
ClaimLinx offers for individuals to apply for coverage using our online marketplace, where anyone can shop for a plan either on the federal exchange or with private carriers with the assistance of an agent.

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