Group Health Insurance

For those companies looking for a classic solution to their health insurance needs, a traditional group health insurance plan is the best option. And purchasing it with ClaimLinx is the optimal way to be sure you’re still getting the best deal possible.

As true full-service insurance consultants, we are not loyal to one particular insurance carrier. We shop all of them and then some. We constantly look for new solutions for rising group plan costs,  including using alternative options such as level-funded plans, VEBA plans, MEWA plans, and more. So if you’re happy with traditional group insurance but are looking for fresh options and plan analysis, ClaimLinx can help. We find businesses in need of a true ally when deciding what benefits are vital for employees. We have two options available for setting up traditional group health insurance for their employees.

Group Plan Consultation – Fee: $0

Meet with a licensed insurance agent and consultant to analyze your current plan as well as the quoting options available in your area. It’s an opportunity to take a look at:

  • How current group health insurance benefits can be customized for your employees
  • Where you can trim costs to fit your budget without sacrificing usability
  • Explore our partners to help employees get more from their plan


Employee Marketplace Consultation – Fee: $109 per employee

Each employee is offered a private consultation from ClaimLinx to set up a plan on the marketplace. The employee pays the entire plan premium, but the consultation is paid by the company. This is recommended for companies who:

  • Want to provide a benefit but cannot afford a traditional plan premium
  • Think their employees would benefit from a one-on-one consultation
  • Have employees without insurance or experience purchasing a plan



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