Employer Benefit Consulting

Employer benefit consulting is ClaimLinx’s true passion and specialty. Whether you’re looking to make a change to the ClaimLinx Simple Option Solution or simply looking at the insurance choices available, ClaimLinx is your ally making sure you get the best plan within your budget.

Our agents specialize in shopping all insurance carrier options, including alternative plan types such as level-funded plans, VEBA plans, MEWA plans, and more. Then our consultants combine this information with details about your company, budget and employee demographics to help you decide what your best option is. Our consultants discuss each part of your new plan with you, including the financial risk for the company, schedule of benefits, a physician network, prescription coverage and any other concerns you may have. Our premier product is our trailblazing Simple Option Solution, but we do offer other employer benefit consulting services.

Simple Option Solution Consulting – Fee: Based on your savings

Change the way your company purchases benefits by combining the best of a high-deductible insurance plan with a self-funded Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP). Our consultants help you through it all. It’s the best way to have a comprehensive and affordable benefits plan. When you start the Simple Option Solution as part of our employer benefit consulting, you will:

  • Receive a customized schedule of benefits that fits your demographics
  • Stop overpaying for services your employees are not using
  • Gain a better understanding of company needs through actual claims data
  • Hear from a skilled consultant when making insurance plan decisions
  • Get personalized customer service for members and plan administrators
  • Have a true ally in the industry as a full-service insurance agency


Section 105 and Section 125 Document – Fee: $350-$1,500

This is another option available for companies looking to pay for part of employees’ insurance premiums or tax-free medical expenses. It’s a good way to provide a benefit to employees without over-extending your budget. When setting up a Section 105 or Section 125 document with ClaimLinx, you will:

  • Receive a tax document for your records and company IRS filing
  • Hear from one of our qualified consultants about your plan setup
  • Gain access to all ClaimLinx’s partnerships and cost-savings programs


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