Individual Plan Consulting

Insurance is important for everyone to have — but not everyone has access to a traditional group plan. For these people, the individual marketplace is the best option.

The agents at ClaimLinx specialize in finding the best solution for each individual. We can set up a policy though the federal and state exchanges or though the private direct to carrier marketplace. It’s all about what’s most important to you, whether that be lowest costing premium, best physician network, most comprehensive drug coverage, or more. So for individuals looking for an insurance plan, we have two options.

Private Consultation – Fee: $109

Meet with a licensed agent at ClaimLinx to talk about all of your options on and off the federal and state exchange. Also receive a detailed overview of your plan’s benefits. Recommended for individuals who:

  • Have never purchased an individual plan before
  • Are not familiar with, but would like to apply for federal subsidies
  • Want a more detailed explanation of plan benefits


ClaimLinx Marketplace – Fee: $0

Shop for an individual plan using a step-by-step online form. You can search plans either through the federal and state exchange or the private, direct to carrier marketplace. Recommended for individuals who:

  • Know what plan benefits are most important to them
  • Have purchased a plan with federal subsidies in the past
  • Are familiar with individual plans and are looking for more options