Start a path to savings on insurance

ClaimLinx helps businesses cut costs on their health plan without sacrificing benefits —  such as increasing deductibles or copays. As a combination consultant, insurance agency and third party administrator, we use an alternative strategy for purchasing insurance that benefits everyone.

It combines the best of traditional insurance through a major carrier with self-funding without changing a company’s current benefits package. We call it the Simple Option Solution.

First, we help you choose a high deductible insurance plan either with a major carrier or with of an alternative that has different styles of plans, such as a level funded plans, VEBA plans, MEWA plans and more. This plan provides:

  • Wide physician and facility network
  • Discounts on office visits and procedures
  • Stop loss in case an employee has high medical costs

Then, we combine this with a self-funded Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) administered through ClaimLinx with a schedule of benefits exclusive to your company. This part of the overall plan provides:

  • Customized copays and deductible
  • Real data on employee usage
  • Tax benefits of self-funding your medical plan

Combining these two types of health plans creates a seamless benefits package your employees will love at a price you can’t resist. On average our customers save 20% on their health insurance costs in the first year. And we can continue this savings year after year as full service consultants who are able to provide continuous solutions for challenges in the healthcare industry.

We know how important it is that your employees have the benefits they need without busting your company budget. It’s a challenge for all business, but we have a unique solution you won’t find anywhere else. So let us guide you on a path to a new type of plan.


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