10 Tips For Staying Healthy During The Holiday Season

Happy Thanksgiving from ClaimLinx!

The upcoming holidays are a wonderful time to relax, enjoy family and indulge in the traditional tasty foods of the season: spicy pumpkin pie, creamy mashed potatoes, sweet honey ham and cold creamy eggnog.

But it’s important not to indulge too much. Although the average weight gain during the holiday season is only one pound, statistics show most people do not lose that pound during the year.  So that one pound can really add up year after year.

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Keep the extra holiday weight off this year with these 10 tips from dieticians and nutritionists.

  1. Make holiday treats year-round – Prevent some of the “last-chance” eating we all do during the holidays by setting dates to make holiday favorites during other parts of the year: green bean casserole in February, pumpkin pie in March.
  2. Don’t be fooled – Many holiday foods seem healthy on concept, with ingredients like sweet potatoes, green beans and Brussels sprouts. But if vegetables are covered in cheese, butter or sugar, they’re no longer the healthy options. It’s important to treat these dishes like the indulgences they really are.
  3. Break out the skinny jeans – Loose clothing, stretchy waistbands and relaxed fit sweaters encourage everyone to overeat. For your next party, squeeze into your skinniest jeans, from-fitting dress or slim-fit suit. You’ll look good and your outfit will be a subtle reminder not to indulge too much.
  4. Catch those Zzzs – Busy holidays schedules, travel and all that shopping sometimes keep people from their regular sleeping schedules, but getting a consistent six to nine hours of sleep helps the body regulate hormones, recover from workouts and prevent sickness.
  5. Detox after the season is done – Over time, our bodies adapt to “hyperpalatable” foods, those stuffed with fat, salt and sugar. By eating these foods, we erode the body’s ability to taste subtler flavors. When the holiday season is over this year, try going just seven days without these foods and your old taste buds will return.
  6. Arrive for the party, not the food – Remember that the holiday season is more about socializing than eating. Try eating a lean meal before a party so that you are full when you arrive and you can enjoy others’ company.
  7. Set down the fork – Next time you’re eating with friends or family, try setting your fork down after each bite. You will naturally slow down your eating and be more aware of when you are full.
  8. Chug, chug, chug water – Don’t confuse hunger with thirst. You may continue to snack without ever feeling satisfied. Try drinking half your body weight in water, so if you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water.
  9. Splurge on your loves, not your likes – Don’t pile your plate high with foods that don’t make your taste buds soar. Choose only foods that you truly enjoy. Most often, you won’t miss munching on the foods you don’t adore.
  10. Set a treat day – The biggest mistake during the holidays is continuing the unhealthy habits. Be sure to keep your treats to only one day during the week.

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