ClaimLinx featured on My City Podcast

ClaimLinx’s National Benefit Consultant, Tom Quigley, was featured on the My City Podcast with Bob Friedenthal. They talked about Tom’s success with clients in helping them save 20% or more on health insurance.

Watch the full video interview now.

Bob Friedenthal: What percentage of the companies that you work with, do you ultimately save them money?
Tom Quigley: 100 percent.

BF: Wow, that’s a relatively big number.
TQ: It’s mathematically impossible not to save the way we do it.

BF: So the key to this is to get in front of people … because I think you’re absolutely in the right market for this.
TQ: Right now it’s very simple to save money, regardless of the size of your company. It’s a matter of … we work on what we save companies. Most insurance agents are working on how much you pay.

BF: That’s an interesting statement. Yes, I know people that, quote unquote, compete with you. But it’s [all about] what they bill, not what they save their clients. That can have a huge, huge impact. So tell us what the process is. How do you do that?
TQ: The first things is to look at what you’re currently doing. Most people buy what’s called a group health insurance plan. I’ll give you an example:

I have several companies, one in particular. … They had roughly 8 people and they were paying roughly $8,000 a month for health insurance.

With the same insurance carrier, we showed them that because of the Affordable Care Act, their employees were eligible for subsidies … So instead of paying the insurance company $8,000, they started paying the insurance company $1,500 a month.

Then what we showed them was: “Why not create a plan with a $0 deductible and have copays for everything and give your employees the best benefits in the area?” So they ended up net saving after 6 months roughly $30,000. And their employees have better benefits than they’ve ever had.

BF: Wow, wow, It’s almost mind boggling what you can do.
TQ: That’s also the problem. People — when I tell them I can save them 20% easily … They don’t believe it.

BF: Valid statement, valid statement. So really it’s about getting the word out and finding people who will say yes before they say no. The ‘no’ people: they’re creating their own demise. They’re so frozen.
TQ: What my line to them is: “What objection do you have to listening to me for 5-10 minutes?” I can help you increase the value of your company.

It really has nothing to do with insurance. It’s how you purchase the benefits, and that’s what everyone is missing. Benefits are what you pay when you go to the doctor or the pharmacy and how much [you pay] out of pocket if you have a surgery or a hospitalization.

The insurance is the piece that covers the risk that the company shouldn’t take.  In essence, what everyone is doing, if you compared it to car insurance, is they’re buying oil change, gasoline and tuneup insurance.

BF: That’s the problem today. You get so many people that feel like they’re always being sold and instead if you can get in the door, you can prove to them that they’re going to benefit.
TQ: I’m not really selling anyone anything. I’m showing them how to take a liability and shift it to an asset. And I get rewarded based on how much assets I create.

BF: So what do you do? You go into a company and they show you what they’re doing. And you can see, probably almost instantaneously, that you’re going to save them money. Period.
TQ: I ask one question: What insurance carrier are you using? They say, “United Healthcare, Aetna, Anthem …” Whoever they’re using. I say to them, “Do you buy office visit copays and drug copays with the insurance company?” And they say, “Yes.” I instantly know that there’s 20% of savings just by showing them how to rearrange the group plan.

BF: Interesting. Well, we gotta get this video out to a lot of people so they can see what you’re all about. Because hands down if people are tunnel visioned enough, they won’t do anything. But if they’re willing to look at something. … That’s all it takes.
TQ: If they have an open mind, and they’re willing to change, and they’re truly looking out for the employees. Because you’re providing better benefits and you’re asking the employees to pay less, not more.

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ClaimLinx is Changing the Employer Portal

The service team is upgrading the ClaimLinx Employer Portal. The new system is easy to use and includes many added features clients have been looking for. We know how important it is for administrators to have easy access to company health plan documents.

The new portal is a secure way to download these documents. Those in charge of the health plan can also upload enrollments, terminations, changes and more. It will be the best way to share information with the ClaimLinx Service Team.

When the change is happening

The switch to the new employer portal will take place on Wednesday, February 23. On that day, all client administrators will receive an email invitation to set up a username and password in the new system. Please look for your invitation on that date. It will come from ClaimLinx Portal at the email address

Once the username and password has been set up administrators can access the portal at any time by going to Please use these instruction sheets for assistance on how to download and upload documents.

What administrators can do in the system

Just like the old employer portal, the new system is a secure way to download and upload documents. It can also help with plan administration. Through the employer portal, administrators can:

  • Submit New Enrollment paperwork
  • Download plan brochures
  • Submit Employee Termination paperwork
  • Send Changes of Address forms
  • Submit Plan Change documents
  • Download Schedule(s) of Benefit
  • Review contract details
  • See updates from ClaimLinx
  • and more!

The new system also allows for more collaboration between our team and administrators. You can ask questions about documents within the portal. You may also see who to contact for questions. The new system includes a lot of new features we are sure employers will find useful.

Upgrades in the new employer portal

The employer portal has many new features we know administrators will enjoy. We hope this enhances your service experience with ClaimLinx and makes it a little easier to manage your company plan. These features include:

  • Notifications automatically sent to ClaimLinx when documents, such as enrollments and terminations, are uploaded
  • More than one administrator can have access to the portal
  • Comment and/or ask questions directly on documents
  • A custom home page with your Service Team information
  • Notifications automatically sent to you when ClaimLinx updates documents
  • Manage your username and password on your own

When access to the old portal ends

Once ClaimLinx has made the switch to the new employer portal, the old Portal Express system will only be available for a limited time. Access to the old system will end on Friday, March 4. Please download any documents you want for your reference before that date.

Keep in mind all company plan documents will already be uploaded and available in the new portal. That includes the company’s contract, Summary Plan Description, Schedule of Benefits, plan brochures, custom enrollment form, etc.

Who to contact with questions

If you did not receive your email invitation to the new system or if you are having trouble navigating the page, contact Our team members are happy to assist.

Cut Health Insurance Costs with ClaimLinx – The Solution

ClaimLinx started with a simple mission: help companies save on their health insurance. Hear directly from the person that pioneered the Solution that has saved small business owners millions — Christy Quigley, President of ClaimLinx.

In the short video, Christy explains how she and Tom Quigley had the idea for the ClaimLinx Solution more than 20 years ago. All this time later, their unique plan for cutting costs without cutting benefits it still working.

The ClaimLinx Solution combines traditional group insurance with a self-funded plan. It allows owners to take advantage of the assets inherent in a plan with a major medical carrier, without throwing money away on medial services employees aren’t using. The best part is we’re able to design a plan that fits your company best. Your employees’ health care needs are not one size fits all. Your insurance shouldn’t be either.

See all the ways ClaimLinx helps its clients:

  • Start paying only for the health care employees actually receive
  • Customized Schedule of Benefits that fits your company’s needs and budget
  • Save 20% or more so you can put funds back into your business

Make a change to improve your company benefits today. Our consultants are ready to help at any time during the year. Health insurance can make a huge difference in having happy, healthy employees that grow your business. But don’t just take our word for it. See the difference the Solution has made for other small business owners in these customer testimonials.

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How to Beat the High Cost of Health Care – In Depth Look

It’s a priority for so many companies: how to beat the high costs of health care. For the last 20 years, ClaimLinx has pioneered its unique Solution for purchasing health insurance that helps small businesses cut costs significantly. Our insurance consultants saw a need in the market for custom health plans that saved big without cutting benefits.

In this video, hear from Christy Quigley, President of ClaimLinx, all about:

  • How the idea for a new Solution came about
  • The steps new clients take to start saving
  • The difference our consultants can make
  • Real-life example of client savings

Each month, small businesses are saving thousands of dollars on their health insurance by working with ClaimLinx’s expert consultants. Our Solution combines traditional group insurance with a self-funded plan. That means companies are able to offer the same, or better, benefits at a much lower costs. See for yourself the difference this has made for clients in our customer testimonials.

Companies can get started with ClaimLinx at any time during the year, even before a plan renews.  The opportunity for savings is there within the first month of implementing our Solution. Think about what you could be doing at your business with thousands of dollars of savings each month.

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Brief Look at How to Save on Health Insurance | with ClaimLinx

For many small business owners, it can feel like health insurance costs are a runaway train. They seem to just keep rising, no matter what you do.

Put the brakes on the price of your insurance. ClaimLinx helps companies take back control of their health plan.

Watch the brief video that explains how ClaimLinx consultants use a unique Solution for cutting costs on health insurance without cutting benefits. It’s a Solution the founders of ClaimLinx, Tom and Christy Quigley, discovered in response to increasing premiums for their clients. They knew there had to be a better way.

See in the video how the ClaimLinx Solution:

  • Offers a custom plan that fits each company’s needs and budget
  • Allows business owners to take advantage of tax breaks
  • Saves 20% or more so you can put funds back into your business

The ClaimLinx Solution combines traditional group health insurance with a self-funded plan. By combining the two, owners get the best pieces of both types of insurance. From traditional insurance, you receive discounts on services and assurance the company won’t be on the hook for the entirety of employee’s health care costs. From the self-funded plan, you receive the opportunity to customize the Schedule of Benefits and stop paying for medical service employees never use.

It’s not easy to navigate the changing health insurance industry. That’s why ClaimLinx is here to help. But don’t just take our word for it. See how ClaimLinx has helped other clients in these customer testimonials.

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