ClaimLinx Welcomes Linx, The Company Spokespig

ClaimLinx has a new member on its team.

But you won’t see him in the office or hear him on the phone. No, but you will see him on our website, in packages and on our messages.

Meet Linx, the ClaimLinx spokespig. He’s friendly, he’s informed and he’s here to help store all the savings your company receives from being a client of ClaimLinx.

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Seeing Linx on an email, message or page of our website is also an indicator to members that this is important information for the service of their health plan.  So we encourage all of our members and clients to pay special attention to the messages he accompanies.

Expect to see Linx more in the future as he is integrated into the ClaimLinx materials. Introducing and including him is all part of our focus this year on client service.

We know there is a lot of confusion surrounding the health care industry right now; that’s why it’s great to have a company like ClaimLinx on your side. We stay in the know so that you don’t have to.

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So look for Linx on new materials on the website. Just like the rest of our staff, he’s always here to help!

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