Best health insurance companies in the USA

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The US is home to thousands of Insurance companies and individuals oftentimes find themselves perplexed about which provider to opt for. There are different types of coverage that need to be taken into account alongside various other factors that are going to be outlined in this particular blog.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the premiums for the health and accident insurance industry skyrocketed by 57.3% to roughly $1.1 trillion in the year 2018. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the largest companies accounted for 51.8% of the entire market in the USA.

According to data provided by the NAIC, the best insurance companies for health insurance include:



Estimated Market Share: 14.2%

Premiums Directly Written: $156.9 billion

Based on the principles of well-being and diversity, the core capabilities of UnitedHealth Group include state of the art technology, immense clinical expertise, health data, and much more!

Serving to numerous valued clients in the US, alongside 130 other countries, UnitedHealth provides coverage for benefits and healthcare whereas Optum provides tech health and information services. Out of 1.1 trillion transactions, more than 3.5 billion dollars are invested annually to speed up the innovation processes.


Kaiser Foundation

Estimated Market Share: 8.4%

Premiums Directly Written: $93.3 billion

Operating as a nonprofit healthcare organization, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. offers cardiology, nephrology, dermatology, hospice, oncology, allergy, pain management, occupational therapy, pharmacy services, and pediatric rehabilitation to patients in the USA.


Anthem, Inc.

Estimated Market Share: 6.1%

Premiums Directly Written: $67.2 billion

Dedicated towards serving communities and improving lives, Anthem, Inc. aims at simplifying the process of healthcare. Through the efforts of their strategic affiliates, Anthem has been able to serve over 78 million people. They envision themselves to become the most valuable, innovative and inclusive company in the insurance space.

The gathering’s associated wellbeing plans have made different network-based dental items, PPOs, HMOs’, different items, and wellbeing plan benefits that consolidate the characteristics shoppers find alluring with powerful cost control strategies. Singular individuals and manager gatherings can choose from essential and extensive designs to fulfil their specific necessities. A broad scope of similar forte items and different administrations is likewise accessible, including adaptable spending records and COBRA organization.




Estimated Market Share: 5.1%

Premiums Directly Written: $56 billion

Humana aims at assisting individuals in accomplishing their absolute best health by giving customized, seamless and holistic healthcare experiences. Perceiving that every individual, family, and local area’s medical care needs keep on advancing, Humana makes imaginative arrangements and assets to help individuals carry on with their best lives on their standing – whenever needed.



Estimated Market Share: 5%

Premiums Directly Written: $55.4 billion

CVS Health is a medical services organization with a vision for helping individuals on their way to better and more healthy lifestyle. Through its well-being administrations, plans, and local area drug specialists, it pioneers another way to deal with absolute well-being.

Including an excess of 9,800 retail stores, CVS has almost 1,100 clinical facilities that you can walk into, a manager for drug store benefits with around 93 million members, an enhanced medical care benefits organization serving about 22.2 million clinical individuals and 1,000,000 individuals annually as a quality drug store concerned for collective well-being. It is extending forte drug store administrations, and an independent Medicare Part D professionally prescribed medication plan.




Estimated Market Share: 3.4%

Premiums Directly Written: $36.9 billion

HCSC is a shared lawful hold organization, is the biggest client claimed medical care insurance agency in the United States. The organization is limited to only five states; Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Montana and provides service to more than 16 million users. HCSC utilizes in excess of 23,000 individuals in more than 60 neighborhood workplaces.

HCSC manufactures broad variety of life and medical coverage items and similar administrations in collaboration with its partners and auxiliaries, including TriWest Healthcare Alliance, HCSC Insurance Service Company, Prime Therapeutics, TriWest Healthcare Alliances, Medecision, Dearborn Group, Availity, TriWest Healthcare and Dental Network of America.



Centene Corp

Estimated Market Share: 3.3%

Premiums Directly Written: $36.3 billion

Centene Corporation, is an enhanced, worldwide medical care organization consisting of 500 organization and giving an arrangement of administrations to government-supported medical services programs, zeroing in on people who don’t have sufficient insurance plans. It works in three global business sectors to maximize the quality healthcare products. It operates in 32 states and has served more than 15 million patients in these states.

Centene works nearby plans for health and wellbeing and gives a scope of medical coverage arrangements. Likewise, it contracts with other medical care and business associations to offer claim to fame administrations, going from conduct wellbeing, dental advantages, life and wellbeing, and drug store benefits the executives to mind the board programming, remedial medical care administrations, in-home wellbeing administrations, overseen vision, forte drug store, and telehealth administrations.


Cigna Health

Estimated Market Share: 2.7%

Premiums Directly Written: $29.3 billion

In over 30 countries and jurisdictions, Cigna Corporation is an organization for health service which operates globally and serves more than 165 million users and needy patients. Its insurance plans and products include Medicare plans, Medicare supplemental plans, dental insurance plans, International health insurance, supplemental Insurance.




Estimated Market Share: 1.9%

Premiums Directly Written: $20.5 billion

WellCare Health Plans, Inc. centers around conveying government-supported care administrations that are managed to people, kids, seniors and families with various complex requirements clinically through Medicare Adcantage, Medicade and plans for medicines recommended by physicians. Just as people in the medical coverage commercial center. According to a report in 2019, WellCare serves about 6.4 million individuals across the country.


Molina Healthcare, Inc.

Estimated Market Share: 1.7%

Premiums Directly Written: $18.5 billion

Molina Healthcare is a wide network of 500 organizations which only provides services to specific people and families qualifying for governmental medical service plans. The organization works in collaboration state governments and fills in as a well-being plan giving a wide scope of value medical care administrations to people and families.

Molina gives well-being plans in Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, Utah, Ohio, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Michigan, and Washington. The organization likewise offers a Medicare item and has been chosen in numerous states to participate in double show ventures to deal with the consideration for those qualified for Medicaid and Medicare.

Health insurance can save from a lot of financial problems in life. It can get you out of the hard times. Choose one of the best insurance companies from our well-researched list now!