New vision for health benefits arrives in New England

Insurance consultant and agency ClaimLinx offers solutions for spiking insurance premiums

NORTH CONWAY, N.H.June 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — What started as a concept in the heartland about saving businesses money on their health insurance has now grown to a million-dollar solution for companies nationwide. Looking to shake up and break up the insurance industry in the area, ClaimLinx has brought its fresh ideas to a new office in New England.

Insurance agency, business consultant and third-party administrator, ClaimLinx has opened a new location in North Conway, NH meant to be closer to current clients and expand its influence in the community.

ClaimLinx specializes in helping small businesses save money on their health insurance by using a unique strategy for purchasing benefits that combines a high deductible insurance plan with a self-funded health reimbursement arrangement.

In 2017, ClaimLinx helped business owners save an estimated $3.2 million on their health insurance plans without increasing deductibles or employee contributions.

Tom Quigley, National Benefit Consultant at ClaimLinx, said rural, often underserved areas are in need of new ideas like those used at ClaimLinx.

“There’s a lack of creativity in the area so people end up paying higher premiums for worse benefits,” he said.

The company started in 2001 in Cincinnati after founders Christy and Tom Quigley were tired of bringing clients higher and higher rate increases from insurance companies. They decided to change how their clients purchased their health plan, and they have been serving small businesses nationally ever since.

Ideal candidates for the ClaimLinx solution are companies that currently provide a fully insured employer-sponsored plan and have between 10-75 employees. However, the company has recently expanded its offerings to include solutions for individuals and businesses purchasing benefits for the first time.

President of ClaimLinx Christy Quigley said she was especially happy to open this office to improve their presence in the area.

“We’re already seeing a change when working with local companies,” she said. “It was really important to us to be a part of the community up here.”

ClaimLinx will host an open house at the new location for current clients and local business owners to hear how its solution works.  The event will be held from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on July 26 at 24 Reporter Court, North Conway, NH.

Contact: Whitney Faber, (617) 892-4655

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Early 2019 insurance rates highlight a need for benefit alternatives

Inurance Consultant ClaimLinx offers employers a solution for rising health care costs

BOSTONJune 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Insurance premium proposals for 2019 are rolling in this month, so far with requested rate hikes as high as 47 percent in some states. This on top of health care costs outpacing economy-wide inflation for the first time since 2010 forecasts a challenging market for business owners.

Nationwide insurance companies are citing policy changes to the Affordable Care Act, including the repeal of the individual mandate and expanded short term options, as the culprit for the requested higher rates.

Also driving up premiums are medical expenditures. They are expected to rise 2.2 percent this year, compared with 1.9 percent for overall inflation, according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Yet rising prices have done nothing to quell employees’ desire for improving benefits, as they’re now being used as a benchmark in a tightening job market. Employers are going to need alternative benefit solutions to stay competitive with the national unemployment rate dipping to 3.8 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

They’re going to need options like those offered at ClaimLinx, a full-service consultant, insurance agency and third-party administrator that specializes in guiding business owners through the insurance market with its own unique strategy for achieving the best, most affordable health plan.

ClaimLinx has pioneered a solution for purchasing health insurance that combines traditional high deductible insurance plans with a customized self-funded medical expense reimbursement plan. The resulting plan enables employers to offer top-notch benefits at a much lower cost.

Tom Quigley, National Benefits Consultant at ClaimLinx, emphasized that this has to be business owners’ first priority.

“You’ve got to be providing the best assets you can to your employees or it’s going to become your liability — no question,” he said.

What started as a small idea in Cincinnati about cutting costs on health insurance has grown to a nationwide service with offices in Boston and North Conway, NH. In 2017 ClaimLinx helped business owners save an estimated $3.2 million.

John Moore, President of the manufacturing company Ohio Metal Products, changed his company’s benefits plan to the ClaimLinx solution because of increasing costs and even more limited options.

“Our company has saved tens of thousands of dollars,” Moore said. “ClaimLinx can provide the benefits that we want, not what the insurance company suggests.”

Contact: Whitney Faber, (617) 892-4655

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ClaimLinx opens new office location in New England

In order to better serve clients’ health insurance needs in the New England area, ClaimLinx has opened a second location in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Situated in the heart of town, just down the road from the train station and community center, ClaimLinx’s new office is a small but mighty addition intended to be a home base for the service team for clients in New England.

It’s been difficult at times to provide the personal service truly desired without a location central to these clients. That’s why President and Owner Christy Quigley said she was so excited to add this location.

“We’re really happy to be a part of the community there,” she said. “We know being local is so important, especially for the people in the area, so we’re so happy to be in the position to add this office.”

It will likely take a few more weeks to become settled in the location. There will also be an open house event for businesses and clients in the area, but the date of that event is still to be determined.

Please note for the future this is a satellite office, so it will not be staffed and open with the same hours as the Cincinnati location. Visits should be made by appointment only until a more consistent schedule has been determined.

Christopher Roach, Business Development Manager for the area, said he especially likes to see ClaimLinx in the center of town.

“You literally couldn’t choose a better location,” he said. “We’re right there, easy to get to, easy to find, easy to come visit.”

Find the new office at: 24 Reporter Court, North Conway, NH 03860.


Client Profile Subaru donates $16,500

This month Profile Subaru and Subaru of America, Inc. handed the Jen’s Fiends Cancer Foundation a check for $16,500. So we’re shining a spotlight on this client for giving so much back to its community.

The check was given as a part of the 2017 Share the Love Event, which is held from November to March each year.

This is the tenth time Subaru of America, Inc. has held this annual event, in which the company donates money for each car sold to certain national and local charities. This year the company donated a total of $21.8 million.

The Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation was one of more than 670 local causes that received donations as a part of the campaign.  The national charities included the American Society of for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Make-A-Wish, Meals on Wheels American and National Park Foundation.

Over the last four years Profile Subaru and Subaru of America have donated more than $55,000 to Jen’s Friends from this event, according to the Conway Daily Sun.

The Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation provides financial assistance to cancer patients and their families, most of whom are in the Mt. Washington Valley area. They focus on helping those that are uninsured, underinsured or have other financial challenges.

The support the foundation provides is intended to “allow them to focus on battling cancer, without worrying about the indirect financial burdens that often arise.

We are proud to highlight a company we have been working with that is doing so much good in the area.

Click here for more information about or to donate to the Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation.

Savings creates opportunity to reinvest in employees with Aflac

ClaimLinx and Aflac – they go together like salt and pepper. Good on their own but even better together.

As experienced consultants, ClaimLinx shows businesses how to save money on their health insurance. Using a unique, time-tested strategy for purchasing benefits that combines traditional insurance through a major carrier with a self-funded plan, businesses can save 20 percent on their health insurance plan.

But what should owners do with all that savings?

We suggest taking that cash and reinvesting it in employees. The lower fees for the health plan easily free up funds to start a Benefits Bank with enhanced coverage through Aflac.

Owners can choose plans for employees or set up a specific dollar amount and let employees choose which coverage they would like for themselves and their families.

Aflac has so many insurance plans available there’s something for everyone. Employees can choose from options like accident, life, critical illness, short-term disability, dental, vision and more. And the best part is employees also get the exclusive perks Aflac provides, such as a wellness benefit, one-day pay and a wide range of coverage options.

Supplemental insurance is often an important component to having a complete plan should tragedy strike for an employee. It can be a vital source of funds if gaps in coverage on a regular health plan occur. After all, the last thing anyone wants to worry about during an emergency is how to pay for care.

It sounds like a luxury for most employers – providing that level of coverage. But it doesn’t have to be.

Because ClaimLinx helps lower the cost of the overall health plan. Then the additional coverage through Aflac is purchased with pre-tax dollars. That means at no extra cost than your current health plan, you are able to not only keep current employees happy by improving benefits but also increasing your competitiveness in the job market.

So with all these additional benefits, can you really afford not to make the switch?