Cut Health Insurance Costs with ClaimLinx – The Solution

ClaimLinx started with a simple mission: help companies save on their health insurance. Hear directly from the person that pioneered the Solution that has saved small business owners millions — Christy Quigley, President of ClaimLinx.

In the short video, Christy explains how she and Tom Quigley had the idea for the ClaimLinx Solution more than 20 years ago. All this time later, their unique plan for cutting costs without cutting benefits it still working.

The ClaimLinx Solution combines traditional group insurance with a self-funded plan. It allows owners to take advantage of the assets inherent in a plan with a major medical carrier, without throwing money away on medial services employees aren’t using. The best part is we’re able to design a plan that fits your company best. Your employees’ health care needs are not one size fits all. Your insurance shouldn’t be either.

See all the ways ClaimLinx helps its clients:

  • Start paying only for the health care employees actually receive
  • Customized Schedule of Benefits that fits your company’s needs and budget
  • Save 20% or more so you can put funds back into your business

Make a change to improve your company benefits today. Our consultants are ready to help at any time during the year. Health insurance can make a huge difference in having happy, healthy employees that grow your business. But don’t just take our word for it. See the difference the Solution has made for other small business owners in these customer testimonials.

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How to Beat the High Cost of Health Care – In Depth Look

It’s a priority for so many companies: how to beat the high costs of health care. For the last 20 years, ClaimLinx has pioneered its unique Solution for purchasing health insurance that helps small businesses cut costs significantly. Our insurance consultants saw a need in the market for custom health plans that saved big without cutting benefits.

In this video, hear from Christy Quigley, President of ClaimLinx, all about:

  • How the idea for a new Solution came about
  • The steps new clients take to start saving
  • The difference our consultants can make
  • Real-life example of client savings

Each month, small businesses are saving thousands of dollars on their health insurance by working with ClaimLinx’s expert consultants. Our Solution combines traditional group insurance with a self-funded plan. That means companies are able to offer the same, or better, benefits at a much lower costs. See for yourself the difference this has made for clients in our customer testimonials.

Companies can get started with ClaimLinx at any time during the year, even before a plan renews.  The opportunity for savings is there within the first month of implementing our Solution. Think about what you could be doing at your business with thousands of dollars of savings each month.

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Brief Look at How to Save on Health Insurance | with ClaimLinx

For many small business owners, it can feel like health insurance costs are a runaway train. They seem to just keep rising, no matter what you do.

Put the brakes on the price of your insurance. ClaimLinx helps companies take back control of their health plan.

Watch the brief video that explains how ClaimLinx consultants use a unique Solution for cutting costs on health insurance without cutting benefits. It’s a Solution the founders of ClaimLinx, Tom and Christy Quigley, discovered in response to increasing premiums for their clients. They knew there had to be a better way.

See in the video how the ClaimLinx Solution:

  • Offers a custom plan that fits each company’s needs and budget
  • Allows business owners to take advantage of tax breaks
  • Saves 20% or more so you can put funds back into your business

The ClaimLinx Solution combines traditional group health insurance with a self-funded plan. By combining the two, owners get the best pieces of both types of insurance. From traditional insurance, you receive discounts on services and assurance the company won’t be on the hook for the entirety of employee’s health care costs. From the self-funded plan, you receive the opportunity to customize the Schedule of Benefits and stop paying for medical service employees never use.

It’s not easy to navigate the changing health insurance industry. That’s why ClaimLinx is here to help. But don’t just take our word for it. See how ClaimLinx has helped other clients in these customer testimonials.

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ClaimLinx claims report schedule

2022 Claims Report Schedule Available

The Claims Report Schedule for 2022 is ready for administrators to review. Click to download the report: ClaimLinx report_schedule2022.

What is the Claims Report Schedule?

This is the schedule the billing department uses when invoicing clients for claims. Once ClaimLinx receives the funds for the claims processed within the period detailed in the report, the billing department begins processing payment for those claims.

Administrators should refer to this document throughout the year to see when to expect an invoice for claims. Administrators can also use it as a basic outline for the beginning of the claims payment process. Remember, ClaimLinx invoices based on the Process Date, not on the Received Date nor on the Date of Service. That is why it’s very important for members to send claims documentation as soon as possible.

What is a claim’s Process Date?

The Process Date is the date a claims processor reviewed and adjudicated a claim. It is the date the claims is processed into the ClaimLinx system. Members and administrators should allow 5-10 business days for processing after the date the claim was received. The maximum time a claim can take for processing is 90 days.

Members should send all claim documentation as soon as possible to ensure timely processing and payment, if applicable. For the best results, members should send the Explanation of Benefits from their primary insurance carrier AND the bill from the providers office. You may contact our claims team for questions regarding a claim or proper documentation. Contact or start chatting now by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the page.

What happens after ClaimLinx sends the Invoice?

After administrators receive the invoice, ClaimLinx awaits payment before paying claims. Our billing team expects payment for claims in the form detailed in your company’s contract. We accept payment via ACH, credit card, wire transfer, check and prefunding. If you would like to change how you pay your claims invoice, contact We are happy to talk to administrators about what the best option is for their company.

Please remember, any delays in payment for a claims invoice causes a delay in sending payment to providers and/or members. See more about the entire claims process, from start to finish.


Reasons To Choose Claimlinx For Health Insurance In Ohio

Claimlinx Insurance Options 

There are a variety of options that you can use to meet your insurance needs, no matter what your family situation and budget. Here are just a few of the most popular plans Claimlinx can help you get for your business, along with their benefits. 

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) is the plan in which you and your employer will be able to save tax-free money to cover health care. Money can be deducted from your salary if you want to.

According to the rules for the employer, He is not going to be able to transfer any unused funds to the next year. You can extend it to a certain amount.

Claimlinx provided amazing services to its customers to help them with deposits, withdrawals, and other necessary issues and assistance. 

February 18, 2021. The Internal Revenue Service has provided employers with the option to transfer any unused amounts from 2020 and 2021 within an FSA plan due to the pandemic. They can also change the extension of the exposure period, the FSA plan year 2020, 2021, allow the retirement of the FSA plan to be eliminated, and leave in the middle of the year.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are similar to FSAS, but the money is only to be used for medical expenses. People also use this account to raise money. The advantage of this is that you can still save money on a tax-deductible, as well as the use of lower-cost health insurance to high-risk. Insurance premiums for HSA plans are not taxable.

Health Reimbursement Agreement (HRA) plans are available to employers who can’t afford to get all the health benefits, but it provides some support to the health services providers. Employees will be paid by a pre-determined amount of money for special medical expenses for themselves and their families. The reimbursement of expenses for professional medical care is not subjected to tax.

The Health care Organization to Plan (HPO) provides comprehensive health care at a low cost by allowing participants to make use of the health care providers in the healthcare organization. The cost savings from the HMO plans can be significantly high.

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan is similar but has a bit more flexibility. With a PPO, you can go out health care organization for service, although a smaller proportion of the costs will be covered if you have to do it. 


Services for Our Members

Claimlyix has a wide range of services for its clients. On the website, you will find the answers to all your questions, and find out the cost of a medical procedure, details of your subscription, you can make changes to your coverage plan, you can check the status of your application, find out the status of your account, you will get a replacement member ID card to gain access to all of the benefits and services to you.