Avoid Surprises On Medical Bills By Preparing For Visits

Preparing for a physician visit is the best way to begin becoming a responsible healthcare consumer. Like any transaction, it’s vital that you do research before arriving for your appointment. Similar to when buying large furniture or a car, you will need to know how the visit will be paid for in the end.

The first step before any health provider visit is to verify that your physician, urgent care office, lab location, hospital or other facility is listed as in-network on your plan each time you go to an appointment.

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Primary insurance networks can be altered at any point, especially during this time when there have been so many changes in the industry. That is why it is a best practice to check this information before every appointment.

To check if your doctor or facility is in-network, go to your primary insurance company’s website and use the “Find a Doctor” or “Find a Provider” tool. This tool’s location on the website will vary depending on the primary insurance company.

If you have any problems finding this tool, contact your primary insurance carrier. Contact information will be listed on your primary insurance ID card.

There are also additional steps for preparation if you are visiting a facility or hospital for any procedure. You will need to check with your primary insurance carrier before the procedure to verify your eligibility and to find out if you will need any kind of prior authorization.

Some hospitals and physician offices will check this information before the visit, but that is becoming increasingly rare. It’s best to take full responsibility for this task, as it can directly affect your insurance coverage and therefore your final bill.

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