Introducing Our Service Field Manager: Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green is one of the Field Managers for the Service Department at ClaimLinx. If Chelsea is your company’s designated Field Manager, she is the first person you contact if you have a concern or problem. If she can’t help resolve the issue, she will work with people internally to get it resolved.  

What She Does 

Some of Chelsea’s job responsibilities are:  

  • MERP review and annual plan renewal 
  • Internal liaison for the plan administrator  
  • Customer satisfaction and retention 
  • Individual member claim and/or prescription fulfillment issues 
  • In-Person or virtual visits to educate clients and members 

Her Experience at ClaimLinx 

Chelsea started at ClaimLinx in April 2022. Green previously worked as a Certified Pharmacy Technician at Humana.  

Her favorite part of being a Field Manager is educating others and being able to connect with the groups face-to-face. She said these meetings really establish that personal connection with the clients and members. 

Her most recent client visit was to a Lawn Care Service company in Memphis, Tennessee, where she met with plan administrators, employees, venders and more.  

“This was one of my favorite visits thus far,” she said. “Everyone was so welcoming on my visit, helpful during my travel, attentive during my meeting and overall, a kind and respectful group to work with” 

 Who She Is at Home 

In her free time, she likes to do things with her family – she has two daughters.  

“Our go-to places to visit during the Spring/Summertime are Kings Island, Cincinnati Zoo and Museum, and a nice water park! In the colder seasons, you can find us in a game room environment, such as Dave & Busters, Main Event or Run, Jump & play indoor park.” 

Contact Chelsea Green 

Reach out to Chelsea with questions by email at or by phone at 513.985.4485.  

If you’re not sure who your company Field Manager is, send a message to to find out.  

 Please Note: Not all Solutions with ClaimLinx include having a dedicated Field Manger.  

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