Getting the employer-paid benefits you want is important.

But for most employers making decisions about their health plan, it all comes down to one thing — the numbers.

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And that can be a challenge today, with health insurance premiums continuing to rise. Many companies are being forced to strip health plan benefits or raise employee contribution levels.

That’s where ClaimLinx comes in.

With our strategy for buying health insurance, you no longer have to choose between offering low copays and deductibles and keeping premium costs within your budget.

You can do both.

On average our customers save 20% on their health insurance costs within the first year. That’s without changing the company’s current deductible or other benefits, but simply making a change in how they are purchased.

The key to our trailblazing ClaimLinx Simple Option Solution is centered on making sure businesses are only paying for the benefits their employees are actually using. That’s where so much of the additional cost for a traditional health insurance plan with a major carrier comes in. They’re charging you for services they assume you will use. Services the average employee just doesn’t need.

With ClaimLinx you still purchase a plan with a major carrier but make it a high deductible plan, without all those benefits overcharged through the insurance company. Then we add a self-funded Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) with all the benefits you’re used to, including lower deductibles and copays.

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Your employees won’t see a change in how much they pay when visiting a physician or facility, but your company will save monthly on premiums and overall health insurance costs.

So if you’re going to make a decision based on numbers, make sure they’re the right ones. ClaimLinx has a solution designed for you.


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