Third Party Administrator

ClaimLinx specializes in coordinating self-funded Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (MERPs) from start to finish.

  1. First, ClaimLinx offers employer benefits consulting to provide businesses with a benefit plan that fits their unique demographics and health condition needs. It’s a more comprehensive Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) than you’ve ever seen!
  2. Then, we serve as third party administrator for the health insurance plan to ensure that claims are processed accordingly and that members have the support they need to actually use and understand their benefits.

Customer service and support are the highest priorities for our claims team.  That’s why each of our clients has access to:

  • Local customer service agents
  • Member ID cards with customized plan information
  • Personalized reporting and analysis
  • Review and negotiation for high-dollar claims
  • Education for members and provider offices
  • Assistance in the claims processing

As an in-house third party administrator and full-service insurance agency,  ClaimLinx offers seamless administration for owners. Our focus is on making the claims reimbursement process as simple and useable as possible. There is also a great opportunity for flexibility, as we are able to set up a reimbursement plan for all health claims — including medical, prescription, dental or vision.

Once a health insurance plan is set up, we handle each step of processing for the secondary insurance plan, including determining the correct payout for a claim, collecting the funds from the company and distributing payment to providers’ offices. Our team members abide by all HIPAA guidelines so our clients never have to worry.

There’s no better way to take hold of your company health insurance benefit plan than to set up a customized MERP with ClaimLinx as the third party administrator.

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