When was the last time your health insurance broker or agent sat down and analyzed your company’s plan usage, employee demographics, and overall employer-paid benefit goals?

Maybe you’re one of the rare people that has an agent that looks at this quarterly. Maybe your insurance agent looks at your company once a year.

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Maybe you’ve never had a benefits cost analysis.

We’re willing to bet none of you have ever had an agent or broker actually bring you a DECREASE in your overall plan costs.

That’s something only a true consultant like ClaimLinx can do.

We offer all of our clients:

  • Plan analysis from a consultant when making benefit decisions
  • Personalized service from a team with experience
  • A customized benefit plan just for your company
  • Annual savings on a comparable plan

Our highest priority is to make sure our clients receive the employer-paid benefits they want at the very best price possible.

We do this through our unique ClaimLinx Simple Option Solution, an innovative strategy for purchasing benefits that combines a high-deductible plan from a major insurance carrier with a self-funded medical expense reimbursement plan (MERP). That way you get the best of both.

The high deductible plan provides a comprehensive physicians network and a stop-loss in case an employee has high medical costs. The company MERP provides the benefits people are used to, including a lower deductible and copays for regular office visits and procedures. That way you’re always only paying for the services your employees are actually using.

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But it’s not just about getting health insurance benefits at a great price. It’s also about having a resource and true ally in an ever-changing industry. With our solution, clients have the opportunity to make employer-paid benefit decisions based on employee usage and company priorities. We aim to finally close the gap between your ideal benefits package and what your budget will allow. ClaimLinx helps both business owners and employees save money on health insurance costs.


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