New Faces in the Service Department

We at ClaimLinx are happy to announce we have added new faces and positions to our service team to ensure our clients continue to receive smooth benefits administration.

Below are some additional details on our specialized service team. But we would like to remind all out clients to continue to contact with any new hires, terminations or changes and for any problems with your plan.

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Doreatha Rutherford – Service Coordinator
She is your first point of contact for help with your plan administration. She assists with daily issues or questions.

Lisa Grubb and Kathy Durnell – Insurance Agents
Both Kathy and Lisa write new insurance policies and resolve any problems with primary insurance.

Tara Brown – Client Services Manager
She has been the services manager for the Midwest region, but is now servicing all ClaimLinx clients. She helps with escalated issues and overall plan design.

Connie Johnson – Data Control Specialist
Connie oversees MERP plan enrollment and changes as well as member enrollments and terminations.

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Two service team members, Cheryl Fannin and Christopher Roach, also recently transitioned to sales. They still play a vital role at the company, but are no longer working in service.

ClaimLinx Changes Claims Negotiator

A vital part of ClaimLinx’s claims processing services is that all high dollar claims are sent for review and/or negotiation through a third party.

This is a seamless process we provide for all our clients to make sure all claims are filed correctly and that our clients are receiving the maximum savings possible.

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ClaimLinx recently transitioned this task from Copatient to our new partner, Medical Cost Advocate (MCA). This change has already become effective, with no interruption or change to clients’ claims processing. Please see how a claim is processed for how MCA is involved in the claims process.

We are very happy to be working with MCA. They have more than 10 years of experience in negotiating medical expenses and we are excited to share those savings with you.

ClaimLinx Tees Off at Fairways for Airways Event

ClaimLinx is getting out and getting involved.

This month, our staff participated in the 4th annual Fairways for Airways Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit the Jovante Woods Foundation.

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National Business Consultant, Tom Quigley, played in the tournament along with a local client and Benefits Consultants Andrew Cutter and Ken Kavensky.

As a hole sponsor, the Claimlinx staff also enjoyed playing with local celebrity and professional poker player Bill Kohler.

Proceeds from the event went towards the Jovante Woods Foundation to help fund research for asthma and raise awareness about the disease in the community.

Cincinnati Bengals star fullback Ickey Woods started the foundation after his son died at 16 years old from complications following an asthma attack.

It’s estimated about 6.8 million children and 18.7 million adults in America have asthma. It also accounts for 1.8 million visits to the emergency room each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The foundation aims to fund research to find ways to better manage or cure the disease. A primary focus is also to bring more attention to its dangers, as asthma attacks can be fatal without the proper care or treatment.

Donate to the Jovante Woods Foundation now to help the cause.

ClaimLinx Launches Podcast Digging Into Traditional Health Insurance

It’s been said leaders should “be a voice, not an echo.”

Well, ClaimLinx has found its voice and is broadcasting it on Blog Talk Radio.

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Starting March 19, ClaimLinx’s new podcast, Cutting Edge Benefits, will be putting traditional group health insurance on the chopping block. During the show, Tom Quigley, National Business Consultant at ClaimLinx, will be covering everything business owners should know when purchasing health insurance.

Whether informing listeners the true reason insurance agents aren’t concerned when rates go up or breaking down the Affordable Care Act’s actual requirements, ClaimLinx has real, honest answers on what is going on in the health care industry.

This week’s episode will be focused on breaking down the difference between insurance and benefits, an important foundational concept for the ClaimLinx solution. For most business owners when buying health insurance, they receive a group plan and quote without knowing a lot about what it truly includes.

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Tom will be explaining all of the hidden costs within that plan quote so you understand what you’re really paying for. It’s a first step in knowing why the ClaimLinx solution offers a smart, cost-effective way to provide benefits.

Follow the ClaimLinx podcast for future episode update or sign up to listen live to “Benefits vs. Insurance: Deciphering the Distinct Difference” on March 19 at 2 p.m.