New Faces in the Service Department

We at ClaimLinx are happy to announce we have added new faces and positions to our service team to ensure our clients continue to receive smooth benefits administration.

Below are some additional details on our specialized service team. But we would like to remind all out clients to continue to contact with any new hires, terminations or changes and for any problems with your plan.

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Doreatha Rutherford – Service Coordinator
She is your first point of contact for help with your plan administration. She assists with daily issues or questions.

Lisa Grubb and Kathy Durnell – Insurance Agents
Both Kathy and Lisa write new insurance policies and resolve any problems with primary insurance.

Tara Brown – Client Services Manager
She has been the services manager for the Midwest region, but is now servicing all ClaimLinx clients. She helps with escalated issues and overall plan design.

Connie Johnson – Data Control Specialist
Connie oversees MERP plan enrollment and changes as well as member enrollments and terminations.

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Two service team members, Cheryl Fannin and Christopher Roach, also recently transitioned to sales. They still play a vital role at the company, but are no longer working in service.

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