a Dental Insurance Provider

Pro Tips for Picking a Dental Insurance Provider

Dental care is a necessity, but traditional insurance plans do not include dental insurance options. However, with over 90% of people over the age of 20 having at least one cavity, it’s crucial to consider the right type of dental insurance to cover the expense of major dental work.

If you’re trying to pick an insurance policy, consider the following tips to help you get started.

Tips for Picking a Dental Insurance Provider

1. Learn About Coverage Structure

Dental insurance is different from health insurance. Your health insurance provider likely starts paying for 100% of your medical bills after you meet a certain deductible threshold. Dental options are slightly different because they often have a 100/80/50 structure.

The structure is broken down into:

  • 100% of preventative care
  • 80% of fillings, extractions, root canals and similar
  • 50% for major procedures, such as implants, bridges and crowns

If you need to see a cosmetic dentist, this isn’t covered under a normal plan.

2. Research In-network Dentists in Your Area

Since you must go to in-network dentists, it’s crucial to know the options that you have around you. Often, you’ll find a single dentist in the area with some cheaper plans, and if you don’t like the dentist, you have to pay out of pocket for another one.

Before signing up for any policy, always see the in-network options in your area.

It’s always better to find an insurance provider that has many in-network dentists in the area so that you have greater freedom when choosing one. Otherwise, you may have to travel further to go to the dentist, and if you have any serious work done, this isn’t ideal.

3. Ask Your Employer First

You can go and find your own dental insurance, but your employer may have options available. Group insurance policies keep costs down, and if your employer does have this option for you, compare it to what you can get on your own.

Also, you may be able to seek group insurance policies through the following:

  • Seniors may find options through AARP
  • Medicaid may have plans
  • Affordable Care Act marketplace may have opportunities

Again, you can also go and sign up for your own plan at any time.

4. Consider the Wait Time

Many people assume that once they pay their first premium, they can finally go and get the dental implants or major work they’ve been putting off. But, unfortunately, insurers will often only offer coverage for preventative and basic care during the first six to 12 months.

If your premiums over this time exceed the cost of the procedures you need, it may be better to get these procedures before securing your policy.

Finally, you’ll want to be cautious of what your policy covers because cheaper policies will offer less coverage. Consider the dental work you need now and in the future before deciding which policy to choose.

If you’re not sure which dental insurance provider is the right choice for you, work with a broker who can help you find a policy that fits perfectly into your budget.


What Is Principal Dental Insurance?

Principal Dental insurance plans offer enrollees the opportunity to join an employer’s group dental coverage. In addition, employers can choose to customize their dental coverage to fit in their annual budgets.

What Is Principal Dental Insurance?

As a group dental insurance provider, Principal allows businesses to:

  • Pay for the entirety of their employees’ insurance
  • Cover just part of the insurance premiums
  • Cover none of the insurance premiums

Nationally, 50% of dentate individuals between 18 and 64 had some level of dental insurance in the past 12 months. As the job market remains highly competitive, employers that offer group dental insurance improve their odds of hiring top-tier talent.

Principal Dental offers:

  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

Depending on the state, various options may be available.

Customizable Options for Businesses

Group dental insurance plans have numerous customizable options that influence the business’ expenditures and bottom line. When determining the right choice for your business, you’ll need to customize:

  • Coinsurance
  • Deductibles
  • Options

Businesses can alter the deductible of the employee to match the financial constraints of the business. Higher deductibles for employees mean lower expenses for the company. Management must sit down and come up with a custom plan that maximizes the group dental benefits offered while also remaining within the business’ overall budget.

Principal Dental has an annual maximum refreshment as well as deductibles being waived under certain conditions. Employees also gain access to a mobile app that outlines their benefits and makes it easy to obtain ID cards.

How Group Dental Plans Work with Principal Dental Insurance

Principal Dental follows a standard, three-category system for dental services:

  1. Preventative. Routine exams and cleanings are part of the preventative care offered through Principal Dental and are 100% covered through insurance.
  2. Basic. Cavities that require fillings would fall under the basic care category, where 80% of the cost is covered by insurance and 20% by the employee or employer.
  3. Major. A major procedure, such as a dental bridge or root canal, will have some costs covered by insurance and the rest an out-of-pocket expense for the employee.

Employees will receive a comprehensive list of procedures that are covered through their insurance and which are not. Transparency allows employees to opt into group plans with confidence that the procedures they need the most will be covered as long as they’re listed.

When employers offer group dental insurance through Principal, they’re joining a massive network of nationwide dental providers that their employees can leverage to maintain optimal dental health.

In-network and non-network coverage options are offered, and out-of-network deductibles are combined to quickly help employees meet their deductible limit.

Principal empowers employees to recommend their own dentist for inclusion in the network. If an employee is happy with their own dentist, the ability to continue using the same dentist is crucial.

At ClaimLinx, our consultants can help business owners find group dental insurance that meets the needs of their organization.

Small and large businesses that offer group dental insurance can increase applicants for a position, improve employee satisfaction and boost employee retainment through insurance options.