ClaimLinx Administrator Portal

ClaimLinx offer Clients a private portal to assist with using the company benefit plan. Through the portal, administrators can find enrollment forms, copies of the schedule of benefits, and other plan documents. They can also upload documents, enrollments, terminations and changes securely.    

What administrators can do in the system 

The employer portal is a secure way to download and upload documents. It helps with plan administration. Through the employer portal, administrators can: 

  • Submit New Enrollment paperwork 
  • Download Plan Brochures 
  • Submit employee Termination paperwork 
  • Send Changes of Address forms 
  • Submit Plan Change documents 
  • Download Schedule(s) of Benefit 
  • Review contract details 
  • See updates from ClaimLinx 
  • and more! 

Why use the Employer Portal 

The system also allows for more collaboration between our team and administrators. You can ask questions about documents within the portal. You may also see who to contact regarding questions. The new system includes a lot of new features we are sure employers will find useful. 

We encourage administrators to use this portal as a way to ensure they are always using the most up-to-date forms for new employee enrollment, as using out of date forms can slow the enrollment process. 

How to access the Employer Portal 

All administrators receive an invitation to access directly to their email. You can also access your account at any time by going to  

Contact if you have not received an invitation or if you are having trouble accessing your company’s account.  

Who has access to the Employer Portal 

Please be advised this is a service provided only to clients with a ClaimLinx SOS Solution Plan. If ClaimLinx is your insurance agent only, you do not have access to or need for these additional documents and resources. 

We are constantly looking for more ways to improve our services for administrators, so if there is a document or resource you would like to see added to the employer portal, please let us know. 

What administrators like about using the portal 

  • Notifications automatically sent to ClaimLinx when documents, such as enrollments and terminations, are uploaded 
  • More than one administrator can have access to the portal 
  • Comment and/or ask questions directly on documents 
  • A custom home page with your Service Team information 
  • Notifications automatically sent to you when ClaimLinx updates documents 
  • Manage your username and password on your own 

 Who to contact with questions 

If you did not receive your email invitation to the new system or if you are having trouble navigating the page, contact Our team members are happy to assist. 

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