ClaimLinx Members Will Receive Newborn Gift

Welcoming a new little one is a joyous occasion! Whether it’s the first or fourth child, it’s an auspicious time for any family. As personal benefits consultants, we would like to congratulate members on their new addition with some small tokens.  

Starting this year, members who add a newborn dependent to their plan will receive a small package of items from ClaimLinx. We know this can be a time of big changes, so this gift is a way to bring a smile to your face. 

Bringing a newborn home can be both exciting and never-wrecking. With all the diaper changes, late night feedings and then learning all your baby’s special little quirks, there is a lot to do.  

We hope our members appreciate that we’re thinking of them at that time.  

Who will receive a package from ClaimLinx?  

Members who add a new dependent born in 2023 will be receiving a gift from ClaimLinx. We will be using enrollment information to determine who is eligible and who will receive the gift.  

Members can contact to check on plan eligibility at any time.  

Why are members receiving the package? 

At ClaimLinx, we know bringing a new bundle into the family can be fun, but also overwhelming time. We hope this package shows our appreciation for our members going through this time. The gift will have items for the baby and the parents.  

Please enjoy the gift from everyone at ClaimLinx! 

When can eligible members expect the items?   

Members will receive a gift after ClaimLinx receives and processes the enrollment of the newborn dependent. The gift will arrive after the new addition has been added to the plan and will be separate from any plan documents.  

Don’t forget to add your new family member to your plan within 30 days of his or her birthdate. Send new enrollments to your plan administrator or   

Resources for parents (new and seasoned) 

Check out the links below with information about taking care of a newborn. 

  1. What New Parents Need to Know about Taking Care of a NewbornEverything you need to know, from sleeping to feeding and crying and pooping.
  2. How to Time Baby’s Sleep Just RightWake windows: the Trick to getting baby to sleep
  3. Helping Babies Sleep Safely– Guidelines for safe sleep from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  4. Postpartum Support International– A helpline for those with postpartum anxiety and/or depression.
  5. 30 Tips for the First 30 Days Parent-to-parent advice on feeding, soothing and more.  

 Here are also resources to some of the items needed in those early days. Click to see price comparisons and information on options. 

  1. Car Seat: It’s so important because you will transport your newborn home in it. To make sure the car seat is in correctly, visit a local firehouse to have it installed. 
  2. Crib or bassinet: Order a bassinet to keep baby closer to you. Or order a crib from the start, or both! Check out all the options. 
  3. Bottles and/or Pumping supplies: Whether breast-feeding or using formula, it is important to have it all supplies ready.  
  4. Stroller: Most newborn car seats come with a stroller attachment that makes travel easier for parents. If you do not want to use a stroller all the time you can also use a baby carrier.  

Contact Service with questions 

If you have any questions, you can always start a Live Chat with a team member. Or contact the Service Team at or (513) 677-0217. 

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