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ClaimLinx Offers More Than Just Employer Benefits Consulting

The most important part of the ClaimLinx Solution revolves around employer benefits consulting. This means our experts advise you, the business owner, about the benefits to offer your employees. We are a full-service insurance agency specializing in health insurance. ClaimLinx discusses what we offer beyond employer benefits consulting for your company.

What Is Employer Benefits Consulting?

Employer benefits consulting is all about finding the best solution for each client. You hire us to advise you on the best possible health insurance plan for your employees. Our flagship product is the ClaimLinx Simple Option Solution, which combines a high deductible health plan with a self-funded plan. The self-funded plan is administered completely in-house with ClaimLinx as the third-party administrator. Buying your company’s health plan this way means two things. You get huge savings and you get to customize your benefits to fit your employees’ needs. We help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each benefit, so you can make the best choice for your people and your business.  

ClaimLinx’s Holistic Strategy to Save You Money  

ClaimLinx can save your small business 20 to 40 percent on employer-paid benefits for your workers. But it’s not just about setting up a plan when it comes to health insurance. It’s also about being there to help you and your employees become better health care consumers. With each new client, our first priority is education. We teach employees about getting their claims processed and how they can do more to save money on care. We also take a look at which prescriptions employees need to find new savings opportunities using discount cards or drug programs. Employer benefits consulting means we work with company owners and employees for the ideal situation for everyone involved.

We Help Companies Shop for the Best Plan

The ClaimLinx Solution starts where every health insurance plan starts—with a plan from a major carrier. We know how important insurance networks are and we work hard to find the best plans at the lowest price. Unlike other insurance agents, we’re not looking for the biggest commission for us. We’re looking for the biggest savings for you. As an employer benefits consulting firm, we give you and your workers customized attention and health insurance plans that fit your needs. We find the best value for owners while keeping in mind how important keeping certain doctors or specialists in network is to the use of the plan. We are a full-service insurance agency, whether you need advice for choosing health insurance or you need someone to oversee your employees’ plans.

ClaimLinx Is Your Employer Benefits Consultant

Experts at ClaimLinx are not loyal to one particular insurance provider over another. We strive to give you the optimal deal and lower costs while allowing your employees to have affordable health insurance through your firm. Contact ClaimLinx or call our office at (800) 858-1772 to find out how we can save you money and offer your employees peace of mind for their healthcare needs.

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