Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

Here at Claimlinx, we quote all different kinds of insurance companies and providers. This is just a spotlight on one in particular.

Anthem is among the top companies in the USA that provide healthcare and medical coverage services. It works in association with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association for better healthcare solutions. Anthem functions by affiliation with many companies across the country, and more than 100 million people and 42 million families currently take advantage of Anthem healthcare plans.

Every one out of eight people in America has opted for Anthem-affiliated plans for medical advantages. In California, the company goes by the name Anthem Blue Cross. More than 0.8 million people receive their health insurance throughout the year, making it the top health insurance provider in California. Anthem provides health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid coverage, and much more!


Medicaid is healthcare designed for people with fewer wages per annum. Due to this, by opting for this plan, they either have to pay a considerably less amount or no money at all to receive this plan. Individuals like kids, disabled people, pregnant women, and adults can be eligible to receive this healthcare coverage. This plan not only ensures that you stay healthy but is also a reliable fallback option in case you fall sick. The benefits of the plan vary in every state, but some of these benefits are the same all over the country like:

  • Hospital expenditures.
  • Family planning services.
  • Regular doctor visits
  • Laboratory and X-ray services

Some of the benefits that only a few and not all Medicaid plans are dental coverage, optician services, chiropractic services, prescription drug coverage, physical therapy, and more!

Anthem provides coverage plans to people availing Medicaid healthcare. They give their extra member benefits along with Medicaid services. These benefits are called common-value added benefits, such as:

  • Extra dental and vision coverage.
  • Free Boys & Girls Club memberships.
  • Rides to and from doctor visits, WIC visits, and other community locations.


Unlike Medicaid, Medicare is a healthcare program that provides medical benefits for older adults over 65 years old and young disabled people. Medicaid offers a variety of options with varying money contributions and benefits. Anthem guides you in choosing the most profitable plan.

Types of Medicare coverage


Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

This plan combines the benefits of Part A, B, and D so that you get more advantages than the original plan. These plans include auditory, dental, and vision coverage and cover prescription drug expenses. This plan also provides membership for SilverSneakers, money for over-the-counter items, etc.

Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

Coat for prescription drugs is covered under Medicare Part D. You should opt for Part D instead of original Part A and B if you consume medication for a regular condition like high blood pressure.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Original Medicare plans cover expenses like laboratory and x-ray services, hospital stays, and other medical benefits; the plan does not cover deductibles, taxes, and coinsurance. If you can’t afford them, you can go for Medicare Supplementary plans that cover all the expenses.

Medicare Dental and Vision Coverage

Medicare initially does not cover dental and vision expenses, but Medicare Advantage plans may come with dental and vision plans. If the given plan is not a right fit for you, Anthem provides add-on plans for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

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