Insurers Prepare for Round Two as Health-law Marketplaces Reopen

Health-law marketplaces will reopen on November 15, selling coverage to millions of Americans. Last October’s debut of online exchanges was considered a disaster, preventing many people from buying plans. All in all, about 8 million succeeded in purchasing plans through the marketplaces.

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With round two on the horizon, insurers are hoping for fewer problems, more consumers and a flood of young, healthy enrollees. Total enrollment for 2015 is projected at 13 million, while premiums are expected to rise an average of 8%, according to PwC’s Health Research Institute.

There will be an increase in the number of insurers in many marketplaces, among them, UnitedHealth Group, which has applied to sell health-law plans in 24 states, up from just four this year.

The question remains as to whether small employers will stop offering coverage and point their employees towards the exchanges.

Although large employers will likely continue to offer benefits next year, they are facing other issues such as taxes on higher-cost health plans, and how best to reduce these costs. Options include: higher-deductible plans and programs aimed at improving employee health.

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