Simple But Important Ways to Save on Medical Care

ClaimLinx is always looking for ways to help people to save money on healthcare. But sometimes we need the help of our clients and members to make this happen.

When approaching a medical visit, it’s important you’re still being a smart consumer to get the best value for your dollar. There are many small steps everyone can take to be sure money is not wasted on medical care.

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Here are five things you can do to improve savings now:

Remember to check your network

When making an appointment, always check that the doctor or specialist is still in your insurance plan’s network. Especially in this transitional time in the industry, networks can continuously change, and out of network visits often cost more.

Get checkups, flu shots and other preventive care

Consistent exams help physicians detect health problems early, and, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, many preventative care services are now covered 100 percent. It’s still important to verify coverage prior to obtaining services, though.

Know emergency room alternatives

If you’re not experiencing a life-threatening medical issue, try your doctor’s office or an urgent care center. Both can treat for a cut, sprain, or minor fever. In most cases, they cost less than an ER and can see patients faster, too!

Ask about generic medicine

Generic versions of medicine might look different, but the active ingredients are the same as the brand-name medicine. Choosing generic can save hundreds of dollars per year, or more. Ask your doctor if he or she can prescribe a generic version of your medicine.

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Review all medical bills carefully

Up to 50 percent of doctor and hospital bills may contain mistakes, according to Patient Care, a consumer-advocacy group. Incorrect billing codes, mistakes in account numbers, claims misfiled or incorrect services listed are all common errors that can add hundreds of dollars to a medical bill.

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