10 Reasons You’re Always Tired You May Not Realize

When it comes to being tired and worn down, lack of sleep isn’t always the culprit. There can be a lot of other factors contributing to your feeling of fatigue.

Below are 10 reasons you may be feeling tired that you may not realize:

1. Skipping exercise – It may seem counterintuitive, but those weekly workouts actually give you more energy, not less.

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2. Not enough H2O – Being dehydrated even slightly slows your body down, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids at all times.

3. You’re a worrywart – A little worry keeps you safe, but consistent anxiety about everyday events can be mentally exhausting. Try to relax and take deep breaths.

4. Nixing breakfast – During sleep, the body burns the food from the night before. Eating in the morning kick-starts the metabolism and gets the body moving.

5. Eating junk – Foods packed with sugar and simple carbs cause spikes in blood sugar followed by sharp drops. The up and down through takes a toll on energy levels.

6. Can’t say ‘no’ – Many people over-commit themselves to activities in order to please those around them. Practice telling people you just don’t have time.

7. Having a nightcap – Wine or beer before bed sounds like a good way to unwind but the sugar in alcohol can upset the sleep cycle or awaken you during the night.

8. Emailing in bed – The bright light on a tablet or smartphone can upset the body’s natural circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin and delaying sleep.

9. Too much coffee – Starting the day with a jolt of java is no big deal but consuming caffeine late in the day can have a major effect on your sleep later.

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10. Burning Midnight Oil – Staying up late on Saturday leads to sleeping in late Sunday and then a sleep-deprived Monday. Instead, try getting up early on Sunday and powering up in the afternoon with a quick 20-minute nap.

For more reasons you’re always feeling tired, read the article on Health.com this information was taken from.

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