The Covid-19 Emergency Ends

The Department of Health and Human Services ended the Public Health Emergency (PHE) status of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This status expired at the end of the day on May 11, 2023. The United States used the emergency status for additional resources to combat Covid-19.

Why is the emergency ending?

The PHE ended because the United States is in a better position relating to Covid-19. The United States has the adequate resources and tools to treat the virus, according to the CDC. Ending the emergency is a way for the country to transition out of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

When did this happen?

On May 11, 2023, the Department of HHS ended the federal COVID- 19 emergency status. This also means the CDC will stop collecting certain types of data.

It does not mean Covid-19 is no longer present in the United States. It does mean government bodies believe the country’s health system has the tools it needs to treat the virus without the PHE status.

What does this mean?

The end of the PHE will change the availability of resources dedicated to Covid-19. This will affect government agencies but could possibly also affect peoples’ experience seeking care. The change can affect people’s insurance coverage.

The end of the PHE status is a normal part of moving on from any emergency. Yes, the emergency has ended but it does not mean the CDC has stopped working with agencies to combat COVID-19.

The CDC worked with agencies to make programs and have structures that can transition to the health field. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC)  will continue to report data of individuals who have a risk for Covid-19. They worked with these agencies and partners to help prepare the public for the PHE expiration.

How does this affect me?

With the end of PHE most of the services are still available to Americans. Most of the tools, vaccines, treatment, and testing are still available.

  • Vaccines are still available and the government is still distributing to children and adults.
  • Insurance companies may not cover at-home Covid-19 tests. Insurance companies will no longer waive or provide free covid-19 tests.
  • Treatments will remain available. Treatments will be available to those who have a severe case of Covid-19. Your health insurance will determine the price of the medication.
  • National reporting of Covid-19 will change. The CDC will provide the data on Covid-19 in real time.

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