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Top 5 Insurance Companies In U.S.

Insurance companies prepare you for the worst possible situations, to put your mind at ease whilst incurring unforeseen circumstances. They determine the risks you may face and then provide coverage if that risk takes place. When you have insured an object like a car and it suffers damage, the insurance company pays for the damage as agreed. Even by paying for your damages, they can still get benefit from it. In other words, the insurance companies handle your risks when needed and in return, you pay their premiums.


Top insurance companies in the US:

Several companies in the US have a considerate number of users that are using their services. You can get different types of insurances depending upon your needs. For example, if you’re approaching old age or are facing health issues, you can get a health and retirement plan that will let you handle your expenses when the need arises. 

1. United Healthcare Group

The top company in the United States is United Healthcare. This group is a wide-network that covers fields like health care, clinical department, and advanced technology. Not the only US, United Healthcare group serves more than 130 countries all over the world. It has two distinct platforms reserved for healthcare and the other one dedicated to the information and technology sector. The company reserves more than 3 billion dollars to its technology branch and more than 1 trillion transactions are made every year in this group. 

It is the insurance company with the most members in the United States. Anyone ranging from an individual to an established company can use these insurance options. You can get individual plans as well as full employer plans for your company. Above all, their services are available in all 50 states of the US. Their headquarters are based in Minnesota. 

For best health care services, United Healthcare has appointed more than a million physicians and specialists in over 6,000 hospitals. Choosing United Healthcare will give you numerous benefits and plans to choose from.

2. Anthem

Anthem acquired the second position in top insurance companies in the US. Though it does not provide services in all states, still it has more than 40 million members all over the country. The company provides health care services from individual to business-level no matter how small or large. This wide network also serves Medicaid and Medicare markets.

Anthem, Inc. improves the health standards of people and makes their life easier by proving the latest technology. The company has affiliate networks that serve more than 78 million people. Not only does this company guarantee valuable services but also innovation in its style. 

The services provided by the group comprise almost every field of health care and supply various innovative products that make them unique. The company also devises methods to maintain quality at an absolute minimum cost. You can customize the plan according to your needs from basic to comprehensive programs. Apart from these services, Anthem also allows flexible spending accounts and COBRA administration

Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance has also certified Anthem. This is why the products of Anthem will often be tagged with BCBS and your state name but the provider remains Anthem. The company currently does not operate in every state but provides services in selected regions.

3. Aetna

Aetna is operated by CVS Health Corporation which took control of this company in 2018. CVS now runs the network with membership with Aetna. Aetna was originally created in 1853, maintaining the position in the top three health insurance providers. The company mostly deals with private markets, providing health services to employers and employees under its membership. Aetna withdrew all Affordable Care Act marketplaces in 2015 because there wasn’t much revenue in that sector.

Being a country-wide network, you can get Aetna-approved services in every state of the country. Also being part of the network allows you to choose the company’s own or an outside licensed doctor. However, choosing an in-network doctor prevents extra expenses on your part.  

Aetna offers several types of provider plans including HMO, POS, PPO, EPO, and HDHP with HSA. Also, you can get an opportunity to get gym memberships, health advisers and guides to weight loss plans, and much more.

4. Cigna

Cigna has its headquarters in Connecticut but is not only restricted to its country. It provides services worldwide. It not only designs health insurance plans for you but also manages those programs. Along with general health services, Cigna also has dental, behavioral health, vision, supplemental health, and Medicare/Medicaid retirement benefits. Cigna operates both ongoing programs and also some off-site plans such as the Run-off Reinsurance segment. The company operates a health maintenance organization in the whole region of Phoenix metropolitan. The organization has full-service Medical groups with satellite clinics.

Although the group has services in various states, the plans, payment options, and deductibles are not the same in every state. The HSA plans have the most deductions in them. The information including the cost of the plans, doctors, their policy cards, and claims status is available online for the members to access. Cigna provides the delivery of products to your doorstep. The company provides additional benefits such as reward programs, telehealth connection program, helpline services, and flu shot information. You can access telehealth service providers like MDLIVE by the Cigna telehealth connection program. 

Cigna operates only in 11 states of the United States.

5.  Humana

Humana is also one of the top five insurance companies in the United States. Established in 1961, Humana initially sold long-term care insurance and then expanded its business to health insurance policies. Three years back, Humana decided not to provide individual health insurance in states that have already availed its services. 

Humana runs by the goal to ensure better health care standards and tries to give people the best-personalized experiences. They upgrade their products and techniques from time to time to catch up with the changing times and make innovations for everyone to access easily.

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