Americans Are Paying More for Employer-Based Insurance Under Obamacare

According to, 47% of Americans with employer-based health insurance say more money is being taken out of their paychecks each month for health insurance than a year ago, and 44% have higher out-of-pocket expenses. These statistics affect upper middle income families the most, and they feel hardest hit by Obamacare.

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The good news is that most families who feared losing coverage resulting from the Affordable Care Act have not. “Since so much of the Obamacare conversation has focused on uninsured Americans and the government-run exchanges, it’s easy to forget most Americans – about 150 million – get their health insurance from an employer,” said insurance analyst Doug Whiteman. “People covered under these plans should watch for changes and discuss with their employers how Obamacare may affect their coverage and costs.  In some cases, getting insurance through the health exchanges could be more cost-effective, so it is important to research all possibilities.”

Additional findings:

  • 52% of females with employer-based coverage report higher out-of-pocket expenses, compared to only 35% of males.
  • 48% of Americans want to repeal Obamacare, while only 38% want to keep it.
  • Americans who feel more negative about the law outnumber those feeling more positive by a two-to-one margin (31% to 15%).

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The survey results come from’s Health Insurance Pulse, a monthly survey that tracks how Americans are feeling about health care and their finances. You can read the survey in its entirety here.

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