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ClaimLinx Glossary: Common Health Insurance Terms

ClaimLinx specializes in many employer-paid health insurance services, including traditional group health insurance, employer benefits consulting, supplemental insurance, and individual plan consulting. We’re a full-service insurance agency. Our team works to lower your health insurance costs while giving employees their ideal health benefits plan. In today’s blog, ClaimLinx explains common terms you might encounter as you are reviewing our services for health insurance plans.


A premium is the amount an individual pays for health insurance every month. Some employer-paid benefits come at no cost to employees, while others have employees pay premiums at a lower cost. For example, an employer could pay $100 a month for a worker’s health insurance while the employee pays $75 per month for the rest. ClaimLinx finds the right balance between premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for health care when it comes to employees.


A deductible represents the amount someone pays for health care services, such as a doctor’s office visit or a trip to urgent care before the health insurance plan pays for part of the rest. For example, an employee’s deductible could be $500. After the person pays $500 for services, insurance may pay all or part of the rest of the health care services, thereby lowering someone’s overall healthcare costs the rest of the year. The ClaimLinx Solution is a strategy that lowers the employer costs as well as out-of-pocket costs for workers, which saves everyone money.

Copayment (Co-Pay)

A copayment (commonly known as co-pay) is the fixed amount a person pays for certain health services. Depending on the plan, a person may be required to pay the copay before and/or after he or she has met a deductible. Copays contribute to a person’s out of pocket maximum calculation and may or may not be changed by meeting a deductible. For example, one plan may have a $30 copay for a visit to the doctor’s office, but require a person meet his or her deductible before emergency visits are charged at a $100 copayment. ClaimLinx determines optimal copayments for employees with respect to their deductible.


When you file a claim, you request payment for healthcare services covered by a health insurance plan. As a third-party administrator, ClaimLinx offers easy ways for employees to file claims for processing so they can receive their benefits in a timely manner. See how claims are processed using the ClaimLinx Solution.


One service offered by ClaimLinx is the ability to let individual employees shop for their own personalized health insurance plan. This happens on a marketplace, sometimes called an exchange or health insurance marketplace, run by the state or federal government. A marketplace allows someone to put in their information through an online portal, and then they can view which plans there are eligible for on the marketplace. 

ClaimLinx Experts Help You and Your Employees

Our expert health insurance consultants can help you and your employees wade through the jargon, options, and health insurance companies to find the best possible health coverage for everyone. Contact ClaimLinx or call our office at (800) 858-1772 to find out how we can save you between 20 and 40 percent on employer-paid benefits for your loyal workers.

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