ClaimLinx Has Made Staffing Changes to Better Serve Clients

Our primary goal at ClaimLinx for 2015 is to improve our service. With that in mind, we brought on three new team members to make sure you’re getting everything you need for smooth benefits administration.

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All three of the below positions are new roles for the company. Our biggest change to company organization is Tom Quigley, National Business Consultant, is no longer the primary contact for day-to-day sales tasks. He is now focused on the overall direction of the ClaimLinx Solution. Any new sales opportunities should now come to our Vice President of Sales, Clarice Hoffer.

We have also added two client services managers, who will be the primary contacts for company owners and administrators. A good rule, when in doubt, is to contact your region’s client services manager first with questions or issues with your plan. He or she can then distribute this task among the other ClaimLinx administrators.

Our new staff:

Clarice Hoffer — Vice President of Sales

Clarice has 30 years of experience in sales and client service. Now for ClaimLinx, she is focused on increasing business and improving current relationships with clients and partners. She oversees both the sales and service departments and is the primary point of contact for incoming prospects, referrals and partnership opportunities. Clients are also encouraged to contact her with any other issues not currently being addressed. Email her at

Tara Brown — Client Services Manager, Midwest Region

Tara’s background is in building customer relationships. At ClaimLinx, she is the client services manager for all companies in the Midwest region. Any problems, plan changes, member additions or terminations can now be brought to her, and she will make sure the task is completed. The client service manager is a good first point of contact for any issue you may be having. Email her at

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Christopher Roach — Client Services Manager, Northeast Region

Christopher’s past experience is in the insurance industry in general. Now at ClaimLinx, he is the client services manager for the New England region. He is the primary contact for any issues, plan changes, member additions or terminations for any company in that region. Contact Christopher any time you have questions or concerns about your healthcare plan, and he would be happy to help. He can also assist if you would like to share the ClaimLinx strategy with any colleagues or friends. Email him at

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