FAQs From Department of Labor Raise Concerns

There is a constant stream of new information being released about the ACA, and we work hard at ClaimLinx to make sure that we are aware of and following all of the new guidelines.

Last month, the Department of Labor issued Part 22 of its series of FAQs regarding implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It raised some topics of concern for businesses with non-traditional health care plans.

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It’s important to remember the guidelines published by the Department of Labor are just that – guidelines. They are interpretations of the ACA’s mandates but are not associated with the act itself.  This is a new law and as with any new law, there are different views of its intentions and implications.  

In studying the Affordable Care Act document itself, it is clear that employers can implement cost-sharing measures for its employees, including allowing them to enroll in coverage through the federal marketplace and setting up a self-funded reimbursement plan.

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All of this can be done as long as the following provisions are met: there are no annual or lifetime benefit limits, the ten essential benefits are covered in all policies and no one can be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.

The advantage to having ClaimLinx as your benefits consultant is that we study all aspects of the new health care and tax laws so that you are getting the best benefits possible while still saving money.

If you have more questions about how your plan is compliant with the new health care laws, please contact us.  

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