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This month, Tom Quigley, Vice President and National Business Consultant, was a guest on podcast Cincinnati Business Talk with Mike Roth of Roth & Associates, Inc., an authorized licensee of the Sandler Training. 

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Listen to the full interview on how ClaimLinx uses the Affordable Care Act to increase business’ benefits savings, company success stories and future plans or check out these highlights

Mike Roth: Why don’t you tell our listeners a little bit about how you interacted ClaimLinx with the Obamacare laws?

Tom Quigley: The Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a tax, and what most people are unaware of is how to take advantage. Every tax has tax breaks, pros and cons. … There are a lot of positives on this law that people are not taking advantage of

MR: What’s the signal that someone should look at this. What size do they have to be?  

TQ: I enjoy helping anyone. That’s why we put in the solution. It was meant to help people. … The reality is how many more times are you going to allow the insurance companies to raise your rates 10, 20, 30 percent? And then the advice is to strip your benefits and increase your employees’ costs. How many more times are you going to fall for that trick? 

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MR: Who are your best prospects?

TQ: Quite frankly, I think anyone is. I have yet to see a company we could not help, with this new law.

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