Federal and State Healthcare Exchanges Performing Poorly

Tom Quigley, Vice President/National Business Consultant, provides consulting services, and is in charge of recruitment and new business for ClaimLinx.

Today Tom is discussing the poor performance of the Federal and State Healthcare Exchanges and its effect on consumers.

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A recent report shows that consumers have been misled and are wasting thousands of dollars on health coverage because the Federal and State exchanges don’t give them the information they need to make the best plan choices. Because of improper structuring, many employees are unable to take advantage of subsidies to offset the costs. The private exchanges have proven to be more successful at meeting consumer needs. Please visit the ClaimLinx Exchange for more information. In addition, ClaimLinx Simple Option Solutions (SOS) offers small businesses a way to lower their costs and take advantage of tax benefits and government subsidies.

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ClaimLinx is positioning its clients to move in the right direction. We can structure benefits in your favor to ensure you are in full compliance with the law without cutting benefits or employees.  Feel free to contact Tom at sales@claimlinx.com  or (800) 858-1772 X 25 with your questions. Our new book, “How to Beat Obamacare” is now available on amazon.com.

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