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The people who work for your company need the best health insurance possible at the most affordable prices to maintain proper medical care and prescription coverage for themselves and their families. Many workers in the United States use Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance plans from major carriers, or have other types of supplemental assistance. These things can cover doctor’s visits, hospital stays, treatment plans, and medication for a wide variety of reasons.


However, the costs associated with these health coverage options are sometimes prohibitive for regular workers on your payroll. ClaimLinx offers benefit consultation services to help you maximize what you can offer employees to keep them healthy and satisfied. This holds true no matter what type of health insurance you offer or if they use Medicare or Medicaid services.




This state and federal joint medical coverage program primarily helps lower income individuals who do not have access to or qualify for other types of health insurance. Some part-time or underemployed workers qualify for Medicaid coverage and make use of it every day to get proper healthcare, cover prescription medications, and take care of catastrophic needs.


As an employer who wants to provide essential benefits for every worker, getting help from ClaimLinx when it comes to finding the most affordable healthcare options can provide a positive solution to Medicaid.




Although mostly retired people use Medicare health benefits, older Americans who still work at a full or part-time job make use of this federal program, too. This program is available to people 65 years of age or older and those with either temporary or permanent disabilities. If their employer offers health insurance, Medicare becomes a secondary payer to cover medical expenses that they would otherwise have to pay for out-of-pocket.


In most cases, an employer has little to do with a person’s Medicare claims. However, it is important to understand if any of the people who work at your company use the government program to supplement existing health care. All of this information is factored into the ultimate decision about which group health insurance plan to get, what coverage you should offer, and whether you can save money on existing plans or not.


Health Insurance


Full-time employees must receive some form of health benefits from companies of a certain size. Your business may also choose to offer insurance plans outside of the legal requirements. However, the last thing you want to do is pay extra or create higher costs for the people employed by your company. 


Traditional health insurance plans from major carriers are not the only solutions. As a company who employs people full-time, you are required to offer coverage of certain types. With professional guidance and a full understanding of Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance and current regulations, you can change how you approach your benefit plan.


ClaimLinx services offers solutions that allow everyone to benefit. Contact us as soon as possible to make sure your existing plan is as affordable and effective as possible or to change to a different coverage type offer even more benefits to the people who count on you every day.



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