Save Big on Your Next Prescription

Prescription prices go up all the time, and it can be difficult for people to afford all the medications they need on a regular basis. If you want to help your employees save big on their next prescription, you need to find the best possible solution. ClaimLinx consulting services stands ready to help you make the best decisions about the health insurance benefits you offer to every employee.


The high costs of prescribed medications in the United States today have left many employed individuals without the treatments they need for chronic and acute illnesses and conditions like high blood pressure, general anxiety disorder, and diabetes. Not only does this failure affect physical health and well-being, it can also negatively affect your company’s workforce in the long run. To protect every worker and your bottom line, find the best way to help them save big on their next prescription.


How Can Employees Save on Every Prescription?


Ultimately, the more coverage a health insurance plan offers, the lower the costs for prescription medication will be. However, providing this type of benefit as a small or medium-sized business can present a financial challenge. ClaimLinx consultation services help you make sense of your options and provide the best balance of affordability and coverage to serve both your company and every person who works at it.


Usual recommendations for how to save big on your next prescription include:


  • Opt for generic versions of the same drugs
  • Choose stronger pills and higher quantities that can be split into appropriate doses
  • Use regular market or big-box store pharmacies
  • Update your medical coverage plan or look for prescription supplements


These four methods help average people spend less on the drugs they need. They are all excellent ideas that you can recommend to your employees three human resources pamphlet or health coverage package insert.


The ClaimLinx Simple Option takes things further by minimizing out-of-pocket costs for workers who need prescription medications to get over an illness or manage a chronic health issue. It also provides lower monthly costs for the company who offers the benefits directly. When this is combined with an effective medical expense reimbursement plan (MERP), the end result is additional savings for everyone.


This multifaceted savings plan benefits everyone who needs to save money on their next prescription or wants to support those who need them to survive and thrive. Health insurance coverage has so many options these days that it can become quite complicated to understand. With ClaimLinx consulting, you can take advantage of the experience and industry information to make informed decisions about appropriate prescription coverage. Our services have saved companies 20% or more without compromising the health of any employee.


Contact us online or give a call to talk about how we can help your workers afford the healthcare medications they need without compromising your profit potential with extra benefit costs.


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