Skilled College Grads in High Demand for the Workforce

The graduation season has arrived, and this year’s graduates are searching for job prospects. CareerBuilder and recently surveyed employers, and found 57% of employers plan to hire new college graduates. This is a good sign for students entering the workforce. In 2013, 53% of employers planned to hire new graduates and only 44% said they did in 2010.

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According to the survey, the following degrees are most sought after:

  • 39% of employers are looking for students with a degree in business
  • 28% are hiring in computer and information sciences
  • 18% need to fill positions in engineering
  • 14% are searching for students with degrees in math and statistics
  • 14% are looking for grads with degrees in health related clinical sciences

Susan Davis-Ali, president of Leadhership1, a professional coaching company, feels many students are only slightly prepared. She stated in a recent USA Today article, “At its core, college prepares you to learn, to be enthusiastic about learning, to manage your time, and to work independently or with teams to solve problems. Being successful on the job takes that and so much more.” The CareerBuilder and survey interviewed 2,138 hiring managers and HR professionals.

Employers’ six most common concerns:

  • 53% said too much book learning and not enough real-world learning
  • 35% felt their company needs a blend of technical skills and soft skills gained from liberal arts
  • 26% cited entry-level roles are getting more complex and difficult and require some experience
  • 16% saw not enough emphasis on internships/apprenticeships
  • 16% were disappointed with academic institutions abilities to keep up and teach new technology
  • 10% don’t see enough students are graduating with the relevant degrees for what their company needs

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Although hiring new graduates is currently in an upward trend, many employers question if academic institutions are preparing students for positions within their organizations. It is important to recognize that the burden is not all on new graduates. Companies and current employees must also adapt and recognize that recent graduates have new skills to bring to the workforce.

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