Some Still Lack Coverage Under Health Law

Problems with Affordable Care Act (ACA) online registration have caused thousands of people who’ve purchased the health insurance to go without coverage, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

Several issues have caused the absence of coverage including:

  • Consumers picking a private health plan and paying their premiums only to learn recently that they aren’t insured.
  • Consumers having a “life event” that required their coverage to be updated.

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The Obama administration says around 8 million people are signed up, and the number of consumers having problems is minimal.

In Nevada, among other states, people have joined a lawsuit against the state’s exchange and Xerox Corp. (which helped set up the exchange).  One is Robert Rolain.

Rolain signed up his wife, Linda through the exchange. Several months later, a tumor was found on her brain, and doctors discussed surgery. He took his wife to an oncologist in March, and she wasn’t covered. They postponed surgery for two months.

“She wasn’t so far along when they found the spot. Now the doctor said it had spread up the whole left side of her head,” said Rolain in the article. Linda died a month later.

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“This is a deeply tragic situation,” said Aaron Albright, spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. “We are absolutely committed to continuing our work with states, including Nevada, to help resolve outstanding technological issues in an effort to ensure that consumers get the coverage they need and cases are resolved,” he said.

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