Tom Quigley Breaks Down Employee Expectations for Benefits

Americans are living through what is arguably the most volatile time in healthcare in history.

Every day, there are more changes in insurance carrier networks, updates in standards of coverage and confusing messages being broadcast about all of it.

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Through it all, ClaimLinx is working to educate people about the health insurance industry. That’s why we started our podcast Cutting-Edge Benefits by ClaimLinx, during which National Business Consultant, Tom Quigley, breaks down the unknown information about health care.

Listen to the most recent episode, which goes over employees’ changing expectations for their benefits packages. The Great Recession has taught citizens a lot about security and worst-case scenarios. Study shows, more and more, employees place a higher value on benefits when looking at job opportunities.

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That is why it is so important for owners to be looking at their benefits offerings and ensuring they do not decrease benefits in the coming years. There are always unique solutions for providing enhanced benefits while still remaining within the company’s budget.

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