ClaimLinx claims report schedule

2022 Claims Report Schedule Available

The Claims Report Schedule for 2022 is ready for administrators to review. Click to download the report: ClaimLinx report_schedule2022.

What is the Claims Report Schedule?

This is the schedule the billing department uses when invoicing clients for claims. Once ClaimLinx receives the funds for the claims processed within the period detailed in the report, the billing department begins processing payment for those claims.

Administrators should refer to this document throughout the year to see when to expect an invoice for claims. Administrators can also use it as a basic outline for the beginning of the claims payment process. Remember, ClaimLinx invoices based on the Process Date, not on the Received Date nor on the Date of Service. That is why it’s very important for members to send claims documentation as soon as possible.

What is a claim’s Process Date?

The Process Date is the date a claims processor reviewed and adjudicated a claim. It is the date the claims is processed into the ClaimLinx system. Members and administrators should allow 5-10 business days for processing after the date the claim was received. The maximum time a claim can take for processing is 90 days.

Members should send all claim documentation as soon as possible to ensure timely processing and payment, if applicable. For the best results, members should send the Explanation of Benefits from their primary insurance carrier AND the bill from the providers office. You may contact our claims team for questions regarding a claim or proper documentation. Contact or start chatting now by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the page.

What happens after ClaimLinx sends the Invoice?

After administrators receive the invoice, ClaimLinx awaits payment before paying claims. Our billing team expects payment for claims in the form detailed in your company’s contract. We accept payment via ACH, credit card, wire transfer, check and prefunding. If you would like to change how you pay your claims invoice, contact We are happy to talk to administrators about what the best option is for their company.

Please remember, any delays in payment for a claims invoice causes a delay in sending payment to providers and/or members. See more about the entire claims process, from start to finish.

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