How to Beat the High Cost of Health Care – In Depth Look

It’s a priority for so many companies: how to beat the high costs of health care. For the last 20 years, ClaimLinx has pioneered its unique Solution for purchasing health insurance that helps small businesses cut costs significantly. Our insurance consultants saw a need in the market for custom health plans that saved big without cutting benefits.

In this video, hear from Christy Quigley, President of ClaimLinx, all about:

  • How the idea for a new Solution came about
  • The steps new clients take to start saving
  • The difference our consultants can make
  • Real-life example of client savings

Each month, small businesses are saving thousands of dollars on their health insurance by working with ClaimLinx’s expert consultants. Our Solution combines traditional group insurance with a self-funded plan. That means companies are able to offer the same, or better, benefits at a much lower costs. See for yourself the difference this has made for clients in our customer testimonials.

Companies can get started with ClaimLinx at any time during the year, even before a plan renews.  The opportunity for savings is there within the first month of implementing our Solution. Think about what you could be doing at your business with thousands of dollars of savings each month.

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