May We Introduce … Shira Jackson

She is the first voice you hear when you call ClaimLinx, but you probably don’t know her name. Shira Jackson is the receptionist at ClaimLinx, so she:

– Answers and transfers any office calls

– Opens all incoming and sends all outgoing mail 

– Organizes new claims for the processing department

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Shira has been with the company for three months, but she has had experience in the field since 1999, with her focus ranging from clerical to clinical health care. 

Shira said she likes ClaimLinx because of the collaborative atmosphere. 

“Everyone works well together in a harmonious way, and I really feel at peace when I come to work.”

When she’s not at work, Shira likes to spend time with her daughter or ballroom dancing. So be sure to say hello to her the next time you call our office. 

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Speak to her at the front desk at 800.858.1772.

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